Aug 30, 2010

[Trans] 100828 “Yoochun Has Everything An Actors Needs”

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s member Yoochun who has been casted in KBS’s new drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” is becoming a topic for receiving many praises from the drama’s staff members and co-stars.

Director Kim Won Suk expressed his thoughts towards Park Yoochun, “Park Yoochun has such delicate and elegant look and voice; and he possesses all the basic factors that one needs as an actor. I can even say that he’s a star with all the talents.”

Screenwriter Kim Tae Hee also expressed, “There’s no doubt why Park Yoochun is considered a top star, because he works with such passion and sincerity. His personality is very similar to the character Lee Sun Joon, and I’m very satisfied.”

Song Joong Ki who’s playing the role of character Goo Yong Ha especially praised, “I’ve always hold a prejudice against idol singers turn actors, but seeing Yoochun who’s working with such seriousness and efforts, I’m very touched.”

“Sungkyunkwan Scandal” will begin on the 30th.

Source: Chosun Online
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[Pic + Trans] 100829 Tohoshinkistaff Twitter Update

People who are coming and people who aren’t able to come to the performance, who is ready to end the summer with a-nation~?

a-nation is over! We’ve received a lot of love from you all along, it was a wonderful summer. Thank you so much!

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[Pic] JYJ A - Nation 2010

Aug 21, 2010

[PIC & TRANS] 100821 JYJ A-Nation Chiba's Twitter Update

Since I'm busy, please be good with this

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Maido (T/N: a form of “Hi!” in Osaka dialect)! Everyo~ne! Are you ready for the fun?

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[PICS&TRANS]100820 A-Nation'10 JYJ Rehearsal Report

Somewhere in the city, we were sneakily doing a report on JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN's a-nation rehearsal!
Once we opened the studio's door… the 3 of them were rehearsing their dance moves.
It seems like they'll also be showing a lot of cool dance moves this year~♪ I'm looking forwards to seeing that!

During their break time, we showed the members this year's a-nation goods!

Yuchun was delighted to show us the 3-item set of face towel, fan and bangles ☆

We thought that he would wear only T-shirt and face towel one stage!? But Jejung also put a ribbon hairband on his head!
We took that mischievous shoot of him~ (LOL).

Please look at them when they resumed their rehearsal after that!
Geez Jejung, he kept wearing that T-shirt and ribbon hairband during rehearsal (LOL).

Although the rehearsal was short, the members were very focused and did their best!
They're looking forwards to seeing everyone ♪
To everyone who's going to the event, please be careful not to get a heatstroke and let's enjoy it together~!

Source: JYJ Official Website
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Aug 15, 2010

[Vid+Trans]100814 Kim TaeHee’s ideal type is Yoochun

The topic is Kim TaeHee’s ideal type, this cut is mainly about Yoochun.The MC asks her to chose between this list of actors KyungKu, Yoo SeungHo, Micky Yoochun, Sin SeungHun.
She surprisingly answer Micky Yoochun: “They are too many of idol groups, so I’m confused about who they are. Lately I saw Micky Yoochun in a drama production reporting , that’s why I took an interest in him.”

uploader: OzGreenGirl@youtube
translation: Kenoa@sharingyoochun

Aug 12, 2010

[PICS] JYJ A-Nation'10 Goods Part 2


[TRANS] Jaechun A-Nation'10 Messages

I want to sing
I want to dance

- Jaejung -

“Everyone, ready to have fun OK~??”
“OK… thank you”
*my delusional*

“60m?? – so long TT TT” (T/N: he refers to a-nation stage length)


credits: a-nation
trans: SYC

[PICS] Yoochun filming for SungKyunKwan Scandal 100810

credit: tvxqbaidu
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