Apr 29, 2010

[TRANS] Beautiful Love Synopsis

Magazine reporter Hinata (Aya Oomasa) was visiting South Korea for a magazine interview. Whilst she met one of the baddest man by chance, Yong-soo (Yoochun), the son of South Korean chaebol Yasunori group.

Later on, Yong-soo as the representative of the conglomerate group came to Japan to buy a major hotel line. When Hinata returned to Japan, she’s surprised to again, encounter Yong-soo who was wandering around the city!?

Hinata was being unaware that he’s the rich son being rumored to lost on street, while Yong-soo has escaped for freedom as he’s fed up of the life bound to be a conglomerate. Through multiple interactions, the two started to

[TRANS] Yoochun’s BARKS Interview - Beautiful Love Drama

– This series will debut in Japan, so what is your opinion about this first work (role) offer to appear in drama?

Yuchun: I have never done acting seriously, moreover the Japanese…. honestly it’s very uneasy.

– This is also your first time filming in Japan, how do you think about the actual shooting?

Yuchun: It went well, all co-stars, also thanks to the director and all staffs’ support, it was really fun. All the artists seemed to do it seriously, and I thought the artists schedule was a tight one.

– Please tell me the memorable scene during the shooting

Yuchun: Since the shooting went with no time to practice at all, everday at the end of filming I would still stay with my manager at home and studied the script for the next day filming. I had lack of sleeping time. The anxiety and pressure whether I have already prepared myself properly and the need to sleep soon, also I didn’t have any appetite to eat, it was really hard. But acting is fun and

[SCAN]Josei Jishin(100428 )

Just one pic....just imagine going out and meet with JJ who's skating in the park...by the way I've dreamed about YooChun...lol...he was actually filming his mobile drama in my neighbourhood

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[SCAN]JJ@TV Guide Magazine Part 2(100428)

[TRANS]100428 Chiba Ryuuhei’s Twitter Updates

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[YT] Yoochun@Beautiful Love~BeeTV Drama Shooting

this makes me happy....I'm tired but it makes me happy..we want subs...lol

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