Jun 24, 2010

[SPAZZ]Soulmate Sharing the Same Shirt

Gimpo 100623

Beautiful Love Ep.1

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yet before we go wild I have to mention that Yampai and Yunho where spotted with the same shirt: [link] & [link]

same one or not XD who knows but what do we know is that Soulmates love to share [link] and they have the same size too (AADBSK2)

that particular piece seems to be part of the spring/summer 2010 pretty boys shirts collection XD

[CAPS]YC@Beautiful Love EP5

I can't wait to see it...

by the way I've just wanted to let you know that we're gonna contact within the next days the new staff members...

thank you for applying and we're probably we'll gonna keep the applications opened for a bit more so you can still apply if you we're thinking about it...

so yeah "the more the merrier" XD

[PICS]100623 JJ@Gimpo Airport

XD...going back to Korea...YC must be happy...and also he looks so stylish...let's kidnap him girls :P