Apr 3, 2010

[TRANS] 100402 Sunao Ni Narenakute Trailer

Sunao Ni Narenakute Episode1
2010/4/15(thursday) 10-11:09PM (first episode 15 minutes longer)

Nakaji(Eita) and Haru(Ueno Juri) met through twitter. Nakaji, Nakajima Keisuke wants to become a war cameraman like how his father,Ryosuke(Kikkawa Kouji) used to be.

Since he is new he still does photo shoots for adult gravure magazines and assistant jobs. Haru, Mizuno Yoshiko is a part time teacher at a private high school. She is very moody and even though she doesn’t have confidence in herself she tends to act strong. But Haru has fears towards relationships and has never had a boyfriend before.

After Haru met Nakaji on twitter she had a good impression of him and got the chance to meet him. With a few of other followers they decided to meet at Shibuya. Since she was afraid to go alone she asked Nishimura Hikari who has been her friend since high school that now works at a children clothes store to go with her.

Haru and Hikari goes to the store and met Doctor, Park SoongSu(JaeJoong) and Rinda/Linda, Ichihara Kaoru (Tamayama Testuji). Doctor tells them that he came from Korea and went to a college in Japan. Linda was a magazine editor. Hikari lied to both of them saying shes a cabin attendant.

A little after Nakaji came in the store. When Haru saw his face she was surprised. In the afternoon at a cafe Haru spilled coffee and got Nakaji’s pants dirty. She panicked and tried to wipe his pants and Nakaji called him a pervert.

Doctor,Hikari,and Linda has fun and decides to go for a second round while Nakaji and Haru couldn’t have fun since they felt awkward. Nakaji and Haru passes to go to the second round and leaves to go home. But the two actually used the same subway station and were neighbors.

Doctor,Hikari and Linda goes to a karaoke store. Right when they go in Doctors cellphone rang. He said that his patient had a sudden problem and left. Hikari who was left asked Linda to go to a hotel with her.

After getting off the subway, Haru said bye to Nakaji and went to the convenience store. Nakaji was waiting outside to walk Haru home. But Haru told Nakaji to apologize for calling her a pervert. Also she said that she will take his pants to the cleaners and tried to take the paper bag that had his pants inside. But since they both pulled Haru fell and got a cut on her leg. Nakaji takes her to his apartment and treated her.But then Nakaji starts to get attracted to the face expressions Haru sometimes shows…

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[PIC] 100402 Jaejoong with AVEX Exec Chiba-san

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