Apr 20, 2010

[PIC+TRANS] 10420 Max Matsuura's Twitter Update

Since both of us have to wake up early in the morning, let's make this our last shot! Let's drink again! I'll go whenever you call me!

How~ about this!
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[CAPS] 100419 Jaejoong @ Aiko no Aitai You

[GIFS+PICS::SPAZZ]Soulmate@Backstage + Dating on Earth

I've wanted to post some Waratte Iitomo & Aiko no Aitai You caps that I found on Hey!JJ but I think I'm too sleepy now XD...to update this blog that's my love sanctuary for my 2 DBSK biases...:P....lol...see I'm tired XD.....anyways I'll leave you with this...some of you already are starting a new day.....:P

JJ: "Show me how much you love me"
YC: "How much?..Because of you, my heart grew just big like that!!"
JJ: "Really?"

YC: "Ah~ I just can't watch it anymore. Chiba-san & Max-san twitter updates. I'm going to Japan"

^ LiLy drolls and dies at this particular pic...oh god..just a little bit closer please...

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oh....I just remembered I didn't finished watching DOE subbed....ah...how could I XD....

[ENG SUB] 100419 Jaejoong @ Aiko no Aitai You

You'll love this interview... XD

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Him saying there's a sad fruit and called it cheesy is sooo~ cuuute. He still thinks that his acting is not that good well... just as Haru said to Nakaji, he must keep on trying. Keep on trying until he gets satisfied.
He cooked. *died* He must have done this a lot of times to Micky.

[GIF]00417 JaeJoong at Gimpo airport

baggy pants...is that the new trend?...I'm kind of old so I'm bad at these things XD...

this man just drives me crazy....I love the way he walks ^^

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[PICS::DROLL]YooChun - Hot&Sweet Part 2

so as I keep on updating here about JJ I just started to crazily miss YC T___T...so I'm gonna post these...check part one too [LINK]

[TRANS] 100419 Tohoshinki's Representative Seki Yoshihiro's Twitter

T/N: Please read from bottom to top.

People from my department really don't let me sleep. I'm very sorry! I will play Gree's fishing game and go to bed. JeJung wants to ask everyone who's been supporting him about your impression. He asked worriedly, "Did you watch the 'Aiko no Aitai YOU!' corner of Mezamashi TV? How was it?" He also talked about how he's been enjoying acting lately.

This message is from JunSu's A&R*. Really goodnight after this! JunSu will release his single as XIAH junsu on 5/26. This time, he is the producer who's in charge of everything, from composing the songs, designing the costumes, and coming up with the performance. Yesterday he was having interview from morning until night, so he really put a lot of efforts in it. Please definitely give him your attention!
*A&R: Artists and repertoire division

I'll end my talk today with this! ChangMin has been receiving a lot of offers from fashion magazines lately. Today he had a photoshoot & interview with "ELLEgirl". Although ChangMin was being modest like always, he was so impressively good-looking that even the editor was surprised. ChangMin is climbing the stairs of adulthood now. We're looking forward to you from now on too!

YunHo is also ambitiously doing magazine promotion (Please check Tohomobile YunHo's report ♪). The drama that YunHo put a lot of efforts in, it's a must-see! By the way he's really good at imitating me, and our boss also laughed really hard at that…

[TRANS+PICS] 100419 Tohomobile Staff Blog


Did you check the corner 'Aiko ni Aitai YOU!" of CX's "Mezamashi TV"?

Since JeJung's favorite katsudon was also there, we also took a memorial picture of it ☆

Source: Tohomobile Staff Blog + linhkawaii
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did we posted this? XD....lol...I'm so forgetful today

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[TRANS] 100418 SungKyunKwan Scandal Casting Team: "Yoochun has rejected a lot of drama productions in the past."

Some revelations from the casting team of SungKyunkwan Scandal.

The reason behind Micky Yoochun casting for Sung Kyoon Kwan Scandal from the head of casting team
After the production decision of based-on original novel “Sungkyoonkwan yoosengdeulenanal’ drama was announced, it attached lots of attention . Right now, It is in the process of making decision for the cast and crew after finishing reading synopsis.

Now it seem like we revealed about the cast this soon.

Among all of them, Micky Yoochun really has the image that fits the role of Lee Sunjoon (Main Character) in all aspects so we casted him. Actually, for the pass time, he got so many offers from famous drama production but he rejected every of them.

The reason was he was already too busy to work as Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Apparently, all the offers for drama casting that were made and rejected actually were done by his agency more than himself.

[TRANS+PIC][TRANS] 1004(19+20) Chiba Ryuuhei's Twitter Updates

** 100420

We are in love.

[PICS]Jaejoong at Gimpo Airport Part 4(100416 )

so I think we didn't posted these...love the focus over these pics...XD...


^ love pics taken from back.....have somewhere a full folder XD

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[TRANS] 100419 Jaejoong's Message to Melitehero

This is for the website b-day (which is on 100420)

To. Melite Hero!

I am always thankful~

Yunho. Changmin. Jaejoong. Yoochun. Junsu.

I'm waiting for us...

Let's wait together.

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my heart aches so much for you T____T....we are waiting together...