Apr 15, 2011

[PICS] Soulmate Moments @ NII for Summer 2011 Interview

More of Soulmate's "parenting"...

[FANFIC] Soulmate's Parenting

It seems like Soulmate is going to be a little bit careful on what they say now...

JJ: Chunnie ♥ What do you want 4 dinner?
YC:Honey ♥ I wanna have you!
JJ:(Careful, our kid watching us! Pabo ♥)
Girl: (Mama is pretty~♪)

Trans: @Sundy_Rose + Lynaeina

That pretty little kid has been looking at Jaejoong the whole time. She must have experienced visual shock for the first time.

Apr 13, 2011

[VIDEOS] 3three Voices 2 Teaser Videos

Can't wait for the JaeChun packed scenes~!

Ahhh~ Jaejoong's muscles!!! (♥_♥) Suki desu~!!!

Ahhh~ Jaejoong lullaby~ (♥_♥) Suki desu~!!!
*gets bricked*
Sorry for being Jaejoong biased.

Of course we're Soulmate biased!!! (♥_♥) Suki desu~!!!

Credits: C-JES + CesKJJ

[GIFS] Soulmate @ 3hree Voices 2 Teaser #3

Made by Soulmate fans for Soulmate fans~!!!

[PICS] 110413 Soulmate on JYJ's Gifts for C-JES Members

*screams* *dies*
Oh lawd~ Our boys in their sleeveless...

Oh~ goodness~ imaginations run wild~
Whatta threesome!

We know you want more~!!!

[TRANS + VIDS] 110312 JJ & YC on White Day Live Fan Accounts Compilation

Better put this fanmeeting on DVD too...

Yuchun just revealed that Jaejoong ALSO cried watching Tears of Heaven!

Jaejoong is explaining away all of his past “scandals” now ^__^ (That is, the “scandals” were all false.)

Jaejoong hit Yuchun with pyongmangchi and it broke! ^^(pyongmangchi is a soft squeeshy hammer, does not hurt)

Jaejoong got “4000″ as his punching score… but our Yuchun slipped on his punch

There is word that Jaejoong’s 4000 was the maximum score! Jaejoong, despite his skinniness, is strong

The “teams” for games consisted of the members and their respective managers ^_^ Jaejoong’s team won

Jaejoong was asked whether he knew Yuchun would win his award, and JJ said: “(of course,) he’s Yuchun” T__T <3

The member that Yoohwan wants to “be like” (the most) is….. Jaejoong! XD !!

Aww… As Yoohwan left, he said that the member he wants to be like the most is Yoochun after all <3 brotherly love

T__T JYJ is holding a “match game” to pick a fan to come meet them on stage as the “ideal girl” T___T

The fan who said that she can watch even …porn^^ with them got picked… BTW, JJ doesn’t watch it anymoreXD

Another fan who got picked wrote “If I were to go out with JYJ, that’d be a loss for ME!” LOL >__<

Jaejoong picked the fan who said she’d go to the military with him for him (T/N:… dude I can go too T__T)

T__T Boys are going to give out candy to the fans, and JS & YC put their faces to them to leave their “scent”

YJ said: Thank you for waiting for us, but in order so that you don’t just wait, we will work (even) harder.

Jaejoong-It is of utmost frustration to be born as a human being yet be unable to do the things you want to do

Fan Account Sources: DC TVXQ Gallery and Twitter

Translation and Credit: JYJ3

Seeing them perform will always be worth any kind of wait... So we'll wait!

[PICS] 110208 Soulmate on Women's Weekly Magazine

Spotted: Jaejoong and Yoochun walking barefoot.

Don't we love them in black & white. I mean---literally. ^^

Why do particularly these two look so good in shades?

@jjmayuko24 + shufu

[FanAccounts] 110224 Soulmate in Japan

Reminiscing in these fanaccounts giddies me up... Oh we want that 3hree Voices 2 DVD ASAP!

FA1: Jaechun at Odaiba.

It was a normal filming at first but somehow they got wet. JJ said “Good afternoon~” ((((;゚Д゚))))))) YC looks like he was in a good mood, and when he saw some kids, his eyes sparked (LOL) and he waved his hands. Then he was looking for his ipod, saying: “my ipod? my ipod?” and it was very cute. the 2 of them looked very good.

Source: @kiyoparu0925

FA2: Fans at Odaiba caught the filming set!

Jaejoong and Yoochun are together filming barefoot

Chun had lunch with chicken while chatting happily with jae. There are fans at the filming set but they don’t cause troubles for them.

They are heading to toilet to change again. Jae told fans, “good afternoon~” and they all spazzed XD

Chun waved hand to fans ^^

[TRANS] 110210 MBN Celebrity Magazine VIP – JYJ’s Favourite Type of Kiss Revealed!

Is Jaejoong really telling truth about going to nightclubs or was Yoochun covering up for him?

Three member of TVXQ created the new unit JYJ and are currently doing activities, and was recently interviewed by Celebrity VIP. Based off the recent buzz about the “Bubble Foam Kiss”, we asked the three members about the type of kiss that they liked. “Candy kiss, Bathtub kiss, a peck on the lips rather than a kiss!”” With such an answer, the three members caused great laughter from the people around them.

During the interview, Jaejoong, who said that he wanted to do a “bathtub kiss,” said, “After getting married, I want to take a bubble bath with my wife..” and Kim Junsu tried to clear up the situation by saying, “Ah, this is not suitable for those below 19..*”

◆ Kim Jaejoong appeared at a Gangnam nightclub once in the middle of the night?

Recently, something strange happened to Jaejoong. “Someone said that I had a booking at a nightclub in Gangnam.** The fans told me this piece of news, and I was shocked beyond words.” Yoochun said, “I made a phone call to confirm that Jaejoong was indeed at home.” explaining the strange matter.

“There’s a rumor that some of our fans purposely go to nightclubs hoping they might get a booking with me.” Jaejoong said, dispelling the rumour while expressing his concern for the safety of the fans.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ] + [mbn.mk.co.kr]
Translation credits: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net + jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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