Apr 8, 2010

[PICS] [Picc] 100407 More Yoochun Pics

Just want to fangirl over Yoochun and his upcoming dramas...

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[TRANS]ANAN April Issue – JeJung’s View on Love

Beyond the Perfect Prince-Like Appearance

With his trained figure and sweet decent features, one look from him will make you breathless. The idea of dating JeJung has made the hearts of countless young girls beat for him.

Starting from April 2010, he will debut as an actor in Japan on a new drama by Fuji TV, ‘Sunao ni Narenakute.’ This will be his first solo activity, and this has attracted a lot of attention from the public.

JeJung – At first, I wasn’t able to believe it, even after I received the script itself. Only after I met up with Eita and the rest during rehearsal that reality began to sink in; I felt really nervous. (laughs) Though the staff and cast members told me that it will be just fine, that I should just be myself and relax, I still felt the pressure of acting. I hope I can get used to it sooner.

In the drama, JeJung portrays a young doctor from Korea who falls in love with a girl (Haru by Ueno Juri) he gets to know through Twitter. It is a heartrending character who is in a one-sided love.

Unrequited love – of course I’ve experienced that; that’s why I feel really close to the character I’ll be depicting. I’m also the type who will want to follow the girl I’ve fallen in with, no matter where and when. I will take extra notice of those ‘tough’ girls who would say “I’m not interested in you,” even though they are. I might be an M-type* in love. (laughs) (*T/N: M = masochist. According to Japanese culture, you can either be an M-type ‘masochist’ or an S-type ’sadist’ in love)

Being frank and warmhearted are some of JeJung’s charms. He spoke up about his past relationship without avoiding it.

There’s this case of starting out as friends, and then falling in love without knowing it. I fell in love this way, and I’m not sure why it is so. I just felt that it’s really good being with someone who is like me. A person who likes the same things and someone that I would get along with is the type that I would fall for.

[PICS+GIFS]Stalking Jaechun (100406-100407)

Babe's spent the night out :P..lol...actually the gifs apparently are from sort of hair salon....I remember seeing them going there during mirotic period...however don't see any change from the airport pics XD.....ehm....new tattoo?..lol..ok I'm gonig over board..lol...it's not a tattoo shop :P

[PICS]ChunJaeSu - Gimpo Airport (07 April '10)

The trio going back to Japan
Rumor has it they(DBSK) gave an interview today...hm...who knows...T____T