Apr 15, 2010


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[Trans] 100414 Cast Interview – Juri Ueno mentioned about Jaejoong

partially trans

I thought Jaejoong-kun was like a really handsome idol but when I actually met him his halting Japanese was cute *laughs*. During the rehearsal he was a little shy but he was talking everything really serious and it was nice and refreshing. I didn’t think he would be someone that is so cute and lovable. On T.V. I didn’t see him smiling a lot but when he’s with everyone he’s laughing the most. He’s the

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XD he sure has a cold image...I'm so happy when I see people being charmed by our boys ^^

[FANVID]DBSK fan made commercial

You may have seen this. I'm not sure what they advertising XD
It made me smile seeing their dork side ^^

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[CAPS+GIF]JJ@Waratte Iitomo Telephone Corner

[FANARTS]Our Love is eternal! What about yours?

according the poll fanarts are not that popular here on JCS but for those 2 who voted for them and for me too I'm gonna post these...

v Micky Hero header

[SCANS] JJ @ TV Life April 2010

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[INFO] ANAN 1705 poll "Which male artists would you like to make love with"

I'm going to sleep right now and I think this is a good topic to dream about XD....so guess who'll make it to the next an-an cover XD...I presume it should be YC :P

1. Fukuyama Masaharu
2. Okada Junichi
3. Tamaki Hiroshi
4. Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
5. Matsumoto Jun(Arashi)
7. Narimiya Hiroki
8. Ikuta Touma
9. Tokui Yoshimi
10. Yuchun (TVXQ)

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kind of off topic or maybe not here we have YC with a bit of make-up :D

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sweet dreams XD....see you tomorrow

[GIFS]JaeJoong@Sunao ni Narenakute

I think that water flows a bit weird but wtf we love wet JJ XD..just hope Erika will give him a shirtless scene too...make it 3 XD

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[YT+SPAZZ]Happy eating YooChun

^ I love that Soulmate moment...XD...never noticed how much Micky enjoys his food...yet his so skinny T___T

[FANACC] 100414 "Tamori Touched Jaejoong's Body So Many Times at Iitomo" + “I don’t get drunk no matter how much I drink”

see pics HERE
Kya~~~~~!! Jaejoong just appeared at Fuji TV!
Sorry my photos are not clear. I am sure there will be better ones later!
And I kept missing Tamori MC touching Jaejoong's body so many times! LOL

At first, there were so many flowers given for Jaejoong to celebrate his appearance at “Telephone Shoking”. Whole audiences screamed as Jaejoong showed up. And he said hi to Tamori. Tamori immediately said, “You have such cute (kawaii) face. If you look like this of course the ladies will stare at you!” Tamori even said, “Your skin is beautiful”, and Jeajoong said “Thank you!”

Jaejoong was asked if he likes to exercise and he said yes. He then said “I have no fat!” All human beings have fat so if he does not have any fat, he would not be a human. Dokey answer of Jeajoong which I love and everyone laughed.

[GIFS]Soulmate@Varoius oldies and not so oldies XD

Just some older Soulmate stuff....ok not that old :P

^ XD...ha YooChun I know...I can see it you just want to hug him right?....hate to be ignored

[SCANS]YooChun@Please be mine Photobook

XD....YooChun again...I feel like sticking these on my ceiling

[CAPS]JJ@Waratte Iitomo Telephone Corner(14 April '10)

so apparently JJ received a bit of touching here and there...boy is irresistible even for the old ajushi...XD....I love his reaction...seen it in dramas so many times when the girl is caught naked in a shower XD

YooChun you'd better do not watch this XD

[PICS] 100413 Yoochun @ Gimpo Airport Part 3

what are you doing now?
are you feeling lonely?
I'm scared but I hang on here.....as the rest of us
so don't worry

I was told that before a beautiful rainbow there is always a storm going on...

[PIC]JaeJoong@Tohomobile(100414 )

JJ after Waratte Iitomo