Mar 27, 2010

[FANART] YC & JJ @ Mirotic by tknk

Came across these... They're sooo beautiful. TT__TT
I want these paintings in my room.

Credits: tknk@deviantart
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[SPAZZ] Soulmate's Pointy Shoes

Soulmate-- where sharing is always loving...

Credit: phoebeltj@fc2
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[TOHOMOBILE] 100327 YC & JJ @ Toki Wo Tomete PhotoShoot

Credit: as tagged + DNBN
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[FLASH] DBSK Way Back Rising Sun Era

I am not sure where these videos are from. AADBSK? Help? Thanks anon! XD

Notice how quickly Jaejoong put his fist on top of Yoochun's before Yunho gets on it.

Credit: s h i m m e r
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[SCANS] JJ + YC + DBSK @ The Secret Code Photobook