Jul 11, 2010

[Pics] SungKyunKwan Scandal Photo Revealed

[Pics] 100710 JaechunSu @ LAX Airport

junsu, im glad to see you're fine baby^^ *get slapped by jaechun*

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[Pic] JaechunSu– HOT CHILIPAPER Vol.59 Part 2

[Trans] 100709 Second Half Of 2010 The Biggest Idol Showdown – Park Yoochun VS Kim Hyunjoong

Rivals since their deut as ‘TVXQ’ and ‘SS501′, members Park Yoochun and Kim Hyunjoong from the respective groups will also meet head-on for their TV dramas.

Yoochun is set to play the lead “Lee Seon Joon” for the KBS drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal], which airs in September*.

Kim Hyunjoong, who recently signed on with the same company as Bae Yong Joon, has been casted as the lead for the TV drama “Mischievous Kiss”, which is set to air after the drama “Road NO 1″ in September. A related personnel said, “The airing date is more or less confirmed for that period.”

[SungKyunKwan Scandal] is based on Jung Eun Gweol’s novel [The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars]. The story revolves around Kim Yoohui, who cross-dresses as a man to enter SungKyunKwan on behalf of her sickly brother, and encounters Lee Seon Joon, Moon Jae Shin and Yu Yong Ha. It is a story about friendship and love that takes place in a school setting during the Joseon Dynasty.

Aside from Micky Yoochun, other young stars acting in the drama include Song Joong Gi, Yoo Ah-In, Park Min Young and Han Yeon.

“Mischievous Kiss” is adapted from the Japanese manga of the same name and this drama has been dubbed the “second Boys Over Flowers”. Besides Kim Hyunjoong, other stars have recently been casted.

In this acting battle between the greatest idol stars, everyone is waiting to see what kind of work they will produce.

*There’s some discrepancy in the media reports about the airing date. Some reports state August while some say September.

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[Pics] Jaejoong @ JYJ Thankgiving Live

cute dimples ♥.♥

[Fanart] SungKyunKwan Scandal

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[Trans] 100709 You Should Know?! Jaejoong Bible

Bright and beautiful voice, taps on the soul of the listeners

As the main singer of Tohoshinki, not only does Jejung have a bright voice that attracts countless fans, his beautiful appearance has been Tohoshinki’s “facade”, always being the center of attention. As an artist or as an idol, Jejung, who has always received the support of many, can be counted as a perfect celebrity. But, this Jejung also has a never-ending supply of commentary and a humorous side. With such a contrast, this has also become part of his charisma, tightly clasping onto the hearts of women and never leaving.

You Should Know?! Jejung Bible

Growth: A mischievous teen growing up in his family

As the youngest of a big family with 8 older sisters, Jejung has always been the “mischievous” child. In order to achieve his dream of being a singer while not being a burden on his family, he started working scattered jobs to obtain his living expenses at a young age. No matter how poor or hard his life was, he continued advancing towards a stage just for himself.

Personality: An innate child of humor and cordiality

With just one look, there will be a feeling of “this kid is really cool”, but actually, he will have a side that loves to talk and joke around.

Artistic: Continues working hard, with top-notch singer as target

A bright, high voice is Jejung’s charisma. When he was young, he was ridiculed as being tone-deaf by his friends, so he never stopped practicing until he finally became the lead vocal of Asia’s top group. Recently, he has continued with unabated composing and writing of lyrics.

Personal Life: Friends in Japan he can also have drinks with

Publicly known to be the best drinker in Tohoshinki, it has been said that Jejung frequently goes out for drink with friends after work ends. Although he is always in Japan, because of his handsome personality, he already has a lot of close acting and artist friends. The scene of him and his friends out for a casual drink has been witnessed several times.

A Surprising Side: The Hercules amongst the members

Jejung, with his androgynous look, his “favorite emoticons when texting”, his “shyness that makes him cover his mouth with his hand”, and his “specialty in cooking”, etc., it appears as if he has lost a little bit of his masculinity. However, he has the most strength in his wrists and arms amongst the members. The beautiful face that can crush an apple with his hands… hard to imagine?!

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