Jun 7, 2010

[FANACC] 100605 Thanksgiving Concert - Kyocera Dome Day 1

Everyone and their mum has posted a fan account, but I’ve just finished my own from yesterday, and thought I’d share it in case it contained any new information. :)

(Apologies in advance for how rambling, flaily and scatterbrained it is! I typed up things as I remembered them so it’s a bit all over the place…)

- It was incredibly bittersweet. It was so good to see them together, goofing around, but there were two pretty obvious holes as well. They sounded amazing, it wasn’t like they were ‘missing’ anything concrete, but it was different to what I’ve known for the last 5-odd years, you know? The stage seemed…big. :/

- They’d all cried before the end of the first song. It was awful. The girls around me were crying. I was crying. It was 40 000 people, crying together.

- They sang Whitney Houston’s, ‘I have Nothing’. LOL. But actually, it was amazing, omfg. They conquered that song, it was mind-blowingly good. It brought tears to my eyes!

- It felt to me like it kind of somewhere between a concert and a fan-meet? They couldn’t perform any of their songs from DBSK, obviously, as they’re missing a couple of people to do the harmonies, and er, it’d be a bit tasteless really. So they seemed a bit light on singing materials, and had a lot of MCs/videos. BUT THAT’S OK, because they played some amazing videos (Making Of footage alone was so lol-tastic that it was worth the price of entry, there was definitely a ‘let’s pick on Yoochun!’ vibe to it) and the MCs were alternatively heartbreaking and hilarious.

- YOOCHUN HAS A NEW GREASY HAIRSTYLE. :D b It’s like he got extensions, cornrowed everything except his bangs back to the point where it could be tied in a ponytail, then he, er, ponytailed it. I actually kind of like it, though it was a bit in-your-face when I first saw it!

- Junsu singing Kanashimi no Yukue BROKE MY HEART. He just looked so sad and lonely and broken and by the time he sang the last line, “boku wa samushii,” (‘I’m so sad’) he was crying, and I was crying and it was awful. But he sounded amazing, and there was so much raw emotion in the song.

- On that note, a lot of their singing tonight was just filled with emotion. The few pop numbers, not so much, but all the ballad-y type stuff actually blew me away. And usually I’m a, “well, ballads are nice, do you have something more interesting?” kind of girl, but there was seriously so much raw emotion in their voices, I could have listened to them sing like that all night!

[FANACC] 100606 Confessions of JaeSuChun at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome


Because of our problems last year.
We have made our fans worried.

I’m not sure myself how I should do it; it’s really painful.
In October (last year), I even thought of giving it all up.
Locked myself up at home, not contacting anybody.
At that time, the members encouraged me.
Saw many supporting messages and videos by fans.
Decided to continue.

Since debut,
I have never felt any insecurity when it comes to challenges.
Challenges made me happy.
However, what happened last year frightened me; the prospect of new challenges.
What we are challenging now, will our fans approve of it?

Today, being able to see all of you, I’m really happy.

From now on, I will definitely put in my best.
Please look after us.

*YooChun’s voice was trembling while speaking.


Our decision last year (lawsuit).
Has made our fans and staff upset.


Soulmates are Soulmates.....just like always....