May 31, 2010

[TRANS] 100530 KBoom July Issue – JeJung’s Part

A complete report on television drama “Sunao ni Narenakute” preview meeting and conference!

You don’t know their appearance, nor do you know what kind of person the opposite party is. However, why do you feel as though he is always by your side? It is probably because of that person’s ‘gentle’ words. This is exactly what takes place in the television idol drama “Sunao ni Narenakute”, which describes the process of how a group of five young men and women met through Twitter, became real friends before becoming partners. The screenwriter for this drama, Kitagawa Eriko, explained her reason for using Twitter as the theme, saying, “I myself uses Blog and Twitter, and through language, people are able to connect with each other. Youth groups are like the life-line of a student’s life, hence, it can also be signified as a partner, that is why I used Twitter as the theme for this work.”

Please say a form of greeting to everyone.

Eita : I was really grateful when everyone came down specially while my leg was in a bad condition. You would probably understand by our current atmosphere; the five of us were still in the midst of filming last night actually. We filmed the drama within a very harmonious atmosphere so the filming was done very smoothly. To be able to be involved in this drama that is featured every week, and allow the audience to look forward to the next episode each week is really a joy to me.
Ueno Juri : I’m Ueno Juri, and I’m playing the character of Haru. I am really happy to be able to be part of the group of five to act out in this drama. My heart is racing now because I have not watched the first episode, the director’s performance was also very natural, and when I noticed it, I started tearing so I was able to display the feeling of sadness. I used very natural emotions to act.

[SCANS] 05302010 JJ @ Heaven's Postman Telecineman Mag

[TRANS] 100529 Beautiful Love Perfect Guide - Mobile Update

Run! Run!
Why are the two of them being chased? Yonsu and Hinata, who have become closer, will they be pulled apart once more?

The show is about to be released soon, and so, we bring you the shocking kiss scene!
The 2 people who met for the first time at a hotel in Korea…..then, a sudden kiss.
The story starts from here, do not miss the first episode!

Serious atmosphere…the cold, thinking expression of Yonsu and Hinata. Holding the key to the story....Yonsu’s past?

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[Spazz] Beautiful Love Soulmate Version


one of the best manip

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May 30, 2010

[Spazz] Yoochun's Dimples

yay Yoochun birthday just round the corner!!! let's spazz out with his cute hidden dimples!!
its hard to see his dimples though.. enjoy!!

[Fanart] Jaejoong + Yoochun @ KimParkLove

[Trans] Lee Seung Gi Vs Micky Yoochun, ‘Big Match Of Top Singers’ In Dramas This Fall

If the first half of 2010 was the testing stage for idol-singers-turned-actors, the second half will be a big match between top singers.

With the first half of the year came idol stars like 2PM’s Taecyeon, 2AM’s Seulong, T-ara’s Jiyeon and Eun Jeong as light, comical characters who brought energy to the television screen. However, it can be seen that the latter half of the year will come with a heated battle between K-pop’s top stars Lee Seung Gi and Micky Yoochun (TVXQ).


Following Lee Sung Gi, Micky Yoochun will appear as a Joseon Dynasty pretty boy in September on KBS2 TV. He will appear in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, a drama loosely based off the novel ‘The Lives of SungKyunKwan Confucian Scholars’, that is the talk of the town amongst women in their teens and 20s with characters dubbed ‘The F4 of the Joseon Dynasty’.

Micky Yoochun as well as Song Joong Gi and Yu Ah In will play perfect guy Seon Joon, wild and unstoppable Jae Shin and all-round entertainer Yong Ha respectively. Seon Joon (Micky Yoochun) falls for a forbidden love, cross-dressing Yoon Hui, and is expected to bring some funny scenes to the drama.


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[Info]100529 Bigeast Email – JYJ Concert Goods

Information about the official goods.

Hello everyone in Bigeast!


The official goods has been decided to sale so we are here to inform you.

■ Official Goods Line-Up

For more information please check the site.
(PC only)

On mu-mo shop it will start selling from 2010.6.14(mon) 16:00

■ Sale time at the event
6/5(sat) and 6/6(sun)

Time: 9:00am

6/12(sat) 9:00am
6/13(sun) 10:00am

[Warning when buying goods at the event]

-For Kyo Cera Dome in Osaka, it will be sold outside only.

-For Tokyo Dome, other than the outside sale, after 16:00 it will be sold inside. Please use this time too.

-Tour logo,title, member signed message and etc. there will be no receipts for that.

-No credit cards.

-For only outside sales, even if you do not have a ticket you may purchase the goods.

Bigeast office

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[Pic] Jaejoong - Sunao Ni Narenakute in TV Fan Magazine

Yunho also in that mag.. ^.^

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[Pic] 100529 Beautiful Love Mobile Update

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May 29, 2010

[CAPS] JJ @ Sunao Ni Narenakute Episode 7 part 2

[CAPS] JJ @ Sunao Ni Narenakute Episode 7 part 1

[TRANS] 100528 Sunao Ni Narenakute Episode 8 Synopsis

Haru, who found out about Peach staying overnight at Nakaji's place, was shocked.

Nakaji, went to visit his father Ryosuke's house, bring along the magazine that featured pictures he took. There, he meets Haru's mother, Shouko, who was worried about Ryosuke's condition.

Doctor goes on a date with Haru to watch a movie. On the way back, Doctor sends Haru home, but she tells him that she wants to know more about herself, and invites him in.

On the other hand, Linda and Chief Editor, Okuda, calls Nakaji to the Editorial Department, and tells him about him having a job from a certain publisher. During then, something unexpected happens, and Nakaji gets a bit suspicious about Linda and Okuda's relationship...

Then, Peach calls Nakaji. Peach, is crying over her affair who she split with. Nakaji, says that he'll listen to her, but...

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[TRANS] 100528 Tohoshinki Yoochun’s Shocking Kiss?!

Stopping all group activities at the peak of their popularity, solo activities have started for Tohoshinki member Yoochun, playing the main role in the drama “Beautiful Love~Kimi ga Ireba~.” Before the show starts airing on the 4th of June, a shocking photo has been released to the public.
The released photograph of Yoochun & Aya Oomasa's kiss scene has caused a lot of screams from fans. This is the first time the two of them meet in the opening scene, and Yoochun suddenly kisses the female lead, whom he had just met.

In this drama, Yoochun plays the role of a rich Korean businessman’s son Yonsu, and Aya Oomasa is a journalist who dreams of being an author, Hinata. They meet by chance and this starts a Cinderella type love story. After the kiss scene happens, the two start having feelings for each other, and there is another love scene, which is making the fans anxious.

Yoochun’s Japanese debut drama “Beautiful Love~Kimi ga Ireba~” will begin airing on Yoochun’s 24th birthday, on the mobile phone-only channel BeeTV (Airs every Wednesday, 10 minutes per episode, total of 12 episodes). Also, Yoochun will join Tohoshinki’s Junsu and Jaejoong on the 5th and 6th of June at Kyocera Dome, and 12th and 13th of June at Tokyo Dome, for the event titled [JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME.]

T/N: This post has been edited due to errors! Sorry about that!

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[TRANS] 100528 Chiba Ryuuhei's Twitter Updates

In short, this is very bad.

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Yes, that was very bad.
Chunnie hugging another girl is a bad idea for Soulmate.

May 28, 2010

[Pics] Stalking Yoochun @ Sung Kwan Kyun Scancal Location Part 3

[SCANS] JJ @ KBoom June & July 2010

[SCANS] JJ @ Red Hot Chili Paper

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[SCANS] JJ @ Dramatic Life Magazine

[TRANS] 100527 Jung Da Young Steps Down, Who Will Be Micky Yoochun's Female Partner?

Actress Jung Da Young has stepped down from her prospective role in the drama 'SungKyunKwan Scandal', which will begin airing in September.

The production team of 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' revealed this morning that Jung Da Young will not play the female lead role and said, "She was almost set for the role as she even participated in the script reading session, but she has stepped down due to various circumstances."

The production team also added, "We hope that Jung Da Young succeeds in the other productions she pursues in the future."

Now, there is great interest in who will play the role of Kim Yoon Hui in the drama. Netizens are already thinking of candidates and saying, "I think either Moon Chae Won or Kim Ok Bin suits the role of Kim Yun Hui very well."

On the other hand, 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' is a drama that details the love and friendships of four attractive college students. Cross-dressing Kim Yoon Hui, the female lead, will form a love line with Lee Seon Joon, who will be played by TVXQ's Micky Yoochun.

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The quest for Kim Yoon Hui continues...
But would it be okay if it would be me?

[TRANS] 100527 Yoochun’s First Challenge In Acting

“SungKyunKwan Scandal” will begin its filming from today onwards.

Starring DBSK’s Park Yoochun as the lead actor, alongside Song Joong Gi, Yoo Ah-in and other good-looking actors, the first filming session for “SungKyunKwan Scandal” has begun on the 27th.

“SungKyunKwan Scandal” is a youthful and romantic historical drama. It is based in Sung Kyun Kwan back in the olden Korea times. The appearance of the quartet in this drama has been compared to the F4 in 『花样男子~Boys Over Flowers』 and is currently the focus of much attention.

In “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, due to the weak health of her younger brother, the female lead takes part in an examination disguised as a boy and ends up being enrolled into Sung Kyun Kwan due to the outstanding results obtained. She later meets the three characters played by Yoochun, Song Joong Gi and Yoo Ah-in, triggering the start of a campus love story.

With Yoochun as the lead actor, the filming journey of this youthful romantic drama has taken its first step with its first filming session on the 27th at someplace in Gyeonggi Province. Today’s filming is about a scene where a freshly-enrolled Syeonjun appears in a street in Bukchon to solve a confidential imperial decree which he had received. It was said that after Yoochun had accepted his role, he has been analyzing the character and pracitising his performance. Yoochun also expressed that he looked forward to meeting Yun Hee (the name of the female lead). He was unable to sleep the night before the filming and he felt nervous while preparing for the first session of filming.

A spokesperson of the production company of “SungKyunKwan Scandal” expressed that due to everyone’s concern, all the actors and crew members began the first session of filming with a boost in their morale. He added on to say, "We hope that everyone will continue to give their endless love and support towards this excellent production."

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[TRANS] 100527 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' Shooting Starts On 27th!

Romantic, historical youth drama 'SungKyunKwan Scandal', famous for being Micky Yoochun's domestic drama debut and for casting good-looking stars such as Yu Ah In and Song Joong Gi, will begin shooting today.

'SungKyunKwan Scnadal' is a 'historical youth drama set in a Joseon Dynasty campus background' that details the story of Kim Yoon Hui dressing up as a man and passing her sick brother's examination, causing her to be enrolled in the SungKyunKwan school. It is a Joseon Dynasty campus love story of what goes on between her and Lee Seon Joon (Micky Yoochun), Goo Young Hwa (Song Joong Gi) and Moon Jae Shin (Yu Ah In).

Micky Yoochun will partake in the first shooting for the drama on the 27th as his character Lee Seon Joon, who is the only child of a master essayist, is called 'self-conceited', 'a picky scholar' and 'the King of Pride', and is not lacking in looks, education or his family background.

The scene Micky Yoochun will film is the scene where Seon Joon takes to the streets of the northern village to fulfill the secret orders he received at the initiation ceremony. There was talk that Micky Yoochun, who immediately began honing his acting skills and analyzing his character as soon as he was cast in the drama, could not sleep the night before the shooting was to take place and 'couldn't wait to meet Seon Joon'.

A representative of the SungKyunKwan Scandal team stated, "The staff and the actors gained great strength from the support we've been receiving for the drama. We believe this drama will come out as great as the support and love for it has been and will be."


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[INFO] 100527 Twitter Accounts Used In The Drama Sunanare

On Episode 5, we can see clearly Haru's twitter username which was zoomed from Nakaji's cellphone:

Well what do you know, tweetpeeps actually FOUND Haru's actual twitter account:
Halu_moon (Haru)

Along with the other Sunanare-kai members' twitter accounts:

Doctor_26 (Paku-san / Doctor)

May 27, 2010

[Trans] Jaejoong in FRIDAY Magazine

The breathtaking shots you can’t see in the drama(Sunao ni Narenakute)!
Tohoshinki Jaejoong “runs, laughs, and sat down!”

Right after Jaejoong finished filming. His private clothes were all black, T-shirt, Jacket, Jeans, and Bag.

Run the hill! His co-casts and staff says he is cute like a “puppy”.

In the drama he got water poured on him and his fans cried. It makes you remember the “idol golden generation” and this rare phenomenon is happening is probably because he is “Tohoshinki”.

In the Oricon ranking they are the usual top ranks, in February their Best Album they released was a million seller.

But for having troubles with their entertainment agency, in the beginning of April they announced their activity pause. He is the main vocal of the group Jaejoong(24) is currently in the drama “Sunao ni Narenakute” (fuji tv). The acting he shows has been “Moe Satsu”(no word in english, it’s a newly created word by young gens. Used when that person/thing is too cute that it kills you) and the victims has been coming out.

“His character loves the main character Haru (Ueno Juri)unconditionally,and is a medical equipment sales man who is a little dull. But first of all your heart skips a beat for he is wearing suits! Its different from when he is Tohoshinki, his “weak character” makes people feel hot.” –TV reporter

[Pic] 100527 Stalking Yoochun Part 2 @ Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal Location

baby looking good with his outfit..