May 12, 2010

[TRANS + PICS] 100511 Tohomobile Staff Blog

T/N: This post consists of staff blog entries from 5/9-5/11.

Today is the first time ☆

That "Intoxication" was recorded on TV!
This is the nameplate for his resting room ♪
XIAH junsu's TV promotion has started


Doctor!! (>_<)

Doctor is full of bruises (T_T)
For more details, please check episode 5~!!


New assistant!?

XIAH junsu is having the recording for MUSIC FAIR
The new stylist assistant "Park Seonsu" has come~♪
Just kidding (LOL).

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More pics...

[Trans] 100511 ARENA37℃ June Issue – [Beautiful Love~君がいれば (Kimiga Ireba)~] Broadcast will Begin on 4th of June!

The drama starring Yoochun will be aired via BeeTV, and it will officially begin on his birthday (4th of June)! Furthermore, the theme song [君がいれば~Beautiful Love~] will be sung by Xiah Junsu. Yoochun was highly motivated throughout the interview for this drama, which also marks his debut in Japan’s acting scene. Xiah Junsu’s interview is also included.

Q: What were your thoughts when you received the offer to star in this Japanese TV drama?
- I have never acted before, plus having to speak in Japanese… Frankly speaking, I was really uneasy.

Q: What left the deepest impression on you during the shooting of this drama?
- I didn’t have enough time to practice as the shooting for the drama took place immediately. Every day after the shooting was done, I would spend countless hours in my room with my manager, going through the script and preparing myself for the next day. There was almost no time to sleep and I often asked myself if I could do this well. Because I felt anxiety and the pressure of doing well, I couldn’t sleep well too. Even though I was forced to eat, I had no appetite, so it was really hard! However, the moment the shooting took place, I enjoyed it. It feels really good to be able to experience a life that’s not my own. Even though the shooting has only taken place for a week, I’ve had a lot of inspirational and moving moments.

Q: You’re playing the character of Youngsu a young man who comes from an extremely wealthy background and displays a strong attitude towards anyone. This is not a very good character trait. Is it very different from your own character?
- Even though Youngsu may seem to be a person who is fulfilled or satisfied in every way, he is actually rather lonely. From a moral point of view, he does not seem to know what is important. Though I am different from Youngsu, I understand how he feels. Just like what Hinata told Youngsu, now that I have a crew who treats me like family and supporters who like me, I feel blessed.

[TRANS] 100511 Yoochun's Cyworld Updates

AM I blue.

And this song is on Yoochun's Cyworld:

[News] 100510 Kitagawa Eriko, “Jejung will make big achievements in Japan”

“I believe Jejung will make great achievements in Japan as an actor.”

Famous Japanese screen writer Kitagawa Eriko expressed that she will be looking forward to Jejung’s activities in Japan and believes he has a bright future.

Kitagawa Eriko, who directed the film ‘Halfway’, sent a letter on April 29 back in the country, referring to the release of her film, and also mentions Jejung’s activities in Japan. The letter stated, “I’m really happy to finalize the release [of 'Halfway'] in Korea. ‘Heaven’s Postman’ will be coming out soon in Japan, too. In the TV series ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’ which began airing in April, Jejung plays an important role.”

“Teamwork that’s crossing borders, and working together in any kind of way was really fun, and this makes me very happy.” The letter also mentioned, “I hope that through this drama, Jejung will gain more popularity.” She also said, “I like a lot of Korean films. Even though I am very nervous about ‘Halfway,’ I still hope to get the audience’s approval. Everyone please support it.”

In addition, Kitagawa Eriko is the screen writer of ‘Heaven Postman,’ and she is very popular in Japan.

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