Jul 28, 2010

[TRANS]Joseijisin Magazine – 3hree Voices Finally Released! Exclusive Sneak Preview

The DVD has finally been released

In order to continue working hard for the future, the 3 chose to go on vacation separately.
Before their activities in the form of a new group, Junsu, Jejung, and Yuchun, who still had many anxieties in their hearts, each chose their favorite places to go on vacation as means of adjustment of their mentalities and to continuing working hard with a brand new face and attitude. The happenings during the vacations have been turned into images for release~ this is place for the first exclusive release!

Jejung – the world of minus 20°

Riding on a 2-hour domestic flight from Vancouver, Canada, Jejung arrived at the silver world of minus 20°. The place he went to was a small town of around 20 000 people, White House. A place famous for being able to see polar lights, the warm Jejung surprisingly wanted to challenge cross-country skiing, a very extreme winter sport, and also tried dog-sledding 2km in a week. The staff around, however, were freezing to the point of being ice blocks. The shooting wasn’t exactly a one-time deal, so when the staff asked for “one more time”, the other staff would noisily object and go back into the cabins, but only Jejung, despite the fact that tip of his eyelashes had accumulated a thick layer of ice, would just smile and continue race toward the coldness~

Yuchun – reminiscing his homeland

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