Apr 19, 2010

[PICS] 100416 Stalking Yoochun part 3

seems the pics are not allowed to take out...notice in korean T_T...

Micky and the cars are all hott!

Yoochun Went To The Mall And Off To Wash His Cars

Yesterday Yoochun and friends went to the mall and bought some car wash tools, then they went to the self-service car wash to wash their cars.
There were 2 cars with them: XX20 and Porsche and Yoochun look so desolated.
In the end, some fans could not stand it and went forward to help him to wash the cars together.

Source: 命中注定只恋允 @ TVXQbaidubar + 涅盘Niavana + 米仓
Translation: sicashinki @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Spazz + Oldies] Jaejoong, Why You so Tense?

let's get a little conversations with Jaejoong, and asked him.. why he's always got these tense gazed very time he look at Yoochun..
me: do you hate Yoochun, Jaejoongie??
jj: No
me: i got these bunch of pics.. that look like you hate him..

[FANVID]Soulmate@Dating on earth

did I posted this?....watching it made me even more excited about YC's upcoming drama...but of course the Soulamte fiction rock XD...going to sleep so wish me sweet dreams...just hope when I'll wake up there won't be any shocking news again

let's do our best today/tomorrow too ^^

Credits: toho72

[PICS]00417 JaeSu at Gimpo airport Part 2


The unpopular stuff for this blog that I can't help posting it XD

[ENG SUB]Sunao ni Narenakute Ep 1

Part (1/6)

(2/6) (3/6) (4/6) (5/6) (6/6)

I've thought I may not like the story and I'll only have eyes for JJ however the story seems pretty interesting and I still have eyes only for him XD.....fighting!!!

[Project] Cassiopeia thanks Matsuura-san!

A lovely project started by the adms of the Phoenix forum...I believe Matsura-san deserves to know that most of the fans love him...let's send our love & thanks to him ^^

please spread the info about this project <3

For more & questions please go here: [link]

Thank You!

[CAPS]Jaechun@Magic Castle MV

Just loved this caps focused over our beloved Soulmates and thought I should share it here on JCS ^^

so young...so fresh...yet always the same....<3