Apr 18, 2010

[AUDIO] Jaejoong got drunk during lawsuit case (March)

hi...how's everyone?...I'm having a pretty nice weekend as I am visiting my parents now...just checked the DBSK news and came across this...gonna post more in the night...especially the daily soulmate dose...XD

(this is what he said)
카시오페아 없음 내가 동방신기 하라고? 못해!
Without Cassiopeia can i continue as Dong Bang Shin Ki? I can’t!
카시오페아 존나 (정말) 사랑해!
카시오페아 없음 못살아!
i can’t live with Cassiopeia!
NOTE: The word “존나” has no meaning at all, or at least none that i know of, so i just assumed he said “정말” (chongmal) because it sounded like that to me on the video and it fitted into the context too. correct me if i’m wrong. ^^

And when Koreans uses the phrase “못살아” (can’t live), they are usually very agitated. Jaejoong must have been really depressed and agitated then.. ㅠㅠ

Translated by: cOnkiEss@soompi
Shared by: xiahlove@Phoenix + jaechunsoulmate

this is the translation from the video' description

Rough Translations (with reference to the translations tagged on the video):
Can I be Dong Bang Shin Ki without Cassiopeia? I can't!
I really(damn) love Cassiopeia!
I can't live without Cassiopeia!

some fans take this as fake...what do you think?...it sounds like Joongie...
I don't encourage stalking, but most of us yearn for a few words from them about the whole things going on...if this is true, although knowing him alone, sad and depressed makes me sad too.... the fact that he cherishes us so much and our love and support managed to reach them...all these made me happy

I will do my best to support them and patiently wait till the day they'll solve their problems and be able to do decide upon things...

We are forever DongBangShingi's Cassiopea right?
Be it wind, thunder, storm we'll stay together as one ^^

They may need us more then ever, even if actually we can't do a thing...just be there for them!

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