Apr 25, 2010

[SCANS]DBSK@September Elle Magazine 2006

upon request from Vavole I've decided to post these...I usually don't remember magazine pics but I sure remember this as is one of my favorite DBSK magazines...pretty much couple centered...all couples XD...Soulmates get the highlight on JCS of course...


love the soulmate pic here ^

[TRANS] 100424 TV Fan - Jejung Cuts

Group Interview

First let's ask what your first impression of each other was.

--How is Ueno Juri?
JJ: Ueno Juri is very professional, seeing your acting is very beneficial.

--How is Jejung?
Juri: I've seen Jejung in tv before and thought that he was very handsome, and after I met him I thought he was kind of like a spoilt person. Sometimes he was a bit shy, very serious in rehearsals, and sometimes he makes jokes too.
Tamayama: Right right, usually when something happens his face will go red and he tries to hide it, he's very cute.
JJ: So i've become such an impression. (laughs)
Eita: When everyone's together, it feels really good, because we can clearly show what's good and what's bad.
Seki: He's a character that receives love~
Tamayama: But I feel that Jejung is the most worried, his anticipation is stronger than anyone else's and wants to communicate.

--How is Seki Megumi?
JJ: We chatted a lot when we first met, I think she has a really pretty personality.

--Then Tamayama Tetsuji who is the eldest of the five, what do you think of him?
JJ: He feels like the neighbour's older brother (laughs)

[SCANS]JJ@TV Fan Magazine Part 2

Credits: JJ biadu
Shared by: jaechunsoulmate

[PICS::SPAZZ]Soulmate@Honey we've got married ~Frapboys

These are from frapboys...they were together with the ones I've posted previously buy I've decided to post them separately...:P...hope that yesterday you missed the "almost daily" Soulmate dose
^this one please click on it to full view it.....each pic is so Soulmate-ish....

1. YC-JJhand touch

2. YC digging his hands in JJ's hair

3. JJ holding YC's shoulders

4. YC holding JJ's waist XD
*just enlight me please is such an everyday thing to hold another boy's waist?....it's not the first nor the last time we've seen it ...and also it's more about the way he does it:D
** and yes I'm aware there are other couple moments too but I have eyes only for Soulmates XD...diversity makes the world beautiful
^ we've got married XD

3 more under the cut

[FANFIC.REC]miss you

Wanna share your favorite fanfic with us? You can do it HERE !
Title: miss you
Author: [info]be_ddelusionall
Pairing: Yoochun/jaejoong
Rating: R ... nc-17ish
Disclaimer: not mine. If they were I wouldn't be bored and lonely at the inlaws

Summary: Yoochun goes on a road trip across the US. These are his phone conversatons with Jaejoong. This fic is all dialogue.

'Where are you now?'
'I just left LA. You sound tired.'
'It's three am.'
'Sorry. I forgot about the time-'
'Shut up, Chunnie. I'll always answer when you call.'
'Miss you.'
'Miss you.'

'Damn it, jae. Its two am.'
'Shut up, you're always calling me in the middle of the night.'
'Damn time difference.'
'Where are you?'
'Hungover in Lincoln, Nebraska.'
'Nebr--ah ha. Neh-buh-ras-kah.'
'Are you drunk?'
'No. Changmin bought me a map of the US so now I can mark where you are when you call.'
'That's ...'
'Shut up. I miss you. This makes you feel not so far away.'
'I miss you, too.'
'Well, I'll let you go back to sleep. Sarangheyo.'
'Sarang-Jae? Fucker. What's the point of that if you hangup before I can say it back?'

Read the full fanfic HERE

* leaving aside the fact that you may like their friendship as a "light" one or not, reading this...I don't know if it was more spazzing or painful...thinking about how their life must be now...see the words that are posted under the header?...it's part of the thank you to members...so much love and yet you have to stay apart...did you ever missed someone to the point that it hurt?...I miss them but they probably miss each other even more so let stay strong and wait together...thank you Anonymous for sharing this with us...it's been a while since I read something.....so thank you again....by the way, I love the ending :P

[ADV]SOULJAE@Fangood purchasing

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[CAPS]JaeJoong@Sunao ni Narenakute Ep.2(from mazeJJ;poplez;dipsy) Part 4


oh holly something...I would love to have one of these....<3>