May 11, 2010

[Spazz] Hickeys Action

[Pic] 100510 Tohomobile – Jaejoong

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[PICS]Stalking YooChun(100509) Part II

[TRANS] 100508 BeeTV 'Beautiful Love' Mobile Updates

Arrogant and good-looking!
Since coming to Japan, Yoonsu has been in a bad mood. What has he faced in the past? Will the episode gradually reveal the pain that he has been keeping inside?

Arrogant and good-looking!
In the opening scene of the drama, Yoonsu seems a bit scary and cold, but still very good-looking.

What is he drawing?
He appears scary, but Yoonsu actually likes to draw very much.

Source: Cafe de Yuchun + Mr.Park + Mr.TVXQ
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[SCANS]DBSK@SkyPerfectTV + mint's(2006)

I was just collecting these...brings back so much first year as a DBSK fan ^______^

[PICS]JJ@Official Sunao ni Narenakute Gallery Ep. 4

stills from EP.1 EP.2 EP.3

[FANCAM]Stalking YC@After SS Drama Meeting(100509)

I know another fancam :P

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