Jun 18, 2010

[PIC] 100615 SungKyunKwan Scandal Update

I've remembered seeing the first pic some time ago and I was sure it was photoshoped XD....you can laugh at me....

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[INFO] Mnet Japan Ikemen (Flower Boys) Program Voting Results

1 – 「Jaejoong」 DBSK
2 – 「Lee Junki」
3 – 「Kim SungJe」ChoShinSung (SuperNova)
4 – 「Kim Heechul」SuperJunior
5 – 「HyunBin」
6 – 「Kim JungHoon」
7 – 「MinHo」Shinee
8 – 「Kevin」Ukiss
9 – 「Se7en」
10 – 「Min KyungHoon」

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[PICS/INFO]JaeChunSu is Now Power Balanced

So actually I was wrong...I mean not 100% right...Su has a bracelet too and it's used to improved energy flow throughout your body.

[PICS]100614 YooChun@Gimpo Airport

these look to great to be let out....

after the Tokyo Dome...

^ who's bad? XD

[PICS]100618 Yoochun’s Cyworld Update

All I see is black and white...soulmates seems to have the same taste....too bad we can't see outside the window T___T XD...and Micky I love that picture too

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[YT]3HREE Voices Preview

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Watch the video [HERE]

JS: It’s been a long time since we stood in front of the audience, so of course we’re feeling nervous. But… ah… we carry the mix of joy, pressure, worries, and various feelings… We will do our best with our positive feelings so that you will be able to enjoy the stage that we offer. After all, when I stand on the stage and sing… for me, I feel that if I sing, I can keep on living. That is how important the stage is to me. Well, if I can convey something to the fans through our songs, I’ll be very happy. Perhaps, for me, well… I think I will be singing until the day I die. If there are people who want to listen to our songs, no matter what condition I am in, I will thrive my very best.

JJ: When it was decided that we would be doing this live, that we would be able to see you all, I was very happy. Regarding to the live this time… well, I want to make it a live not only for the music, but also to exchange our feelings with each other. When the audience be together with us, become one with us, sing with us, laugh with us, cry with us… that moment is really tremendous. [The fans] are not always with us physically, but I feel like they’re the ones who are closest to us, the ones who always understand us, who worry the most about us, who support us the most. They have that kind of existence. To me, they are the ones whom I can’t live without. That’s why, they are precious to me.

YC: If it wasn’t for our fans, I wouldn’t have loved music this much. It is the uttermost the reason for me to sing. Well, a lot of painful things happened… but thanks to the support of the fans, I received the strength and courage and made it here. Really… (T/N: can’t really hear what he says here T_T). The fans… how do I put it… it’s hard to put in words how great their love and their big hearts they possess. More and more, I want to try harder at our activities. I want to know, to receive, and to understand the heart and the feeling of everyone. Thank you for waiting for us.


Various songs(a part from Colors-M&H too)


Get Ready



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[PICS/TRANS] 100613 + 100612 JYJ@Tohomobile


Thank you very much!!
“THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” has finished safely.
The members got many courage and power from everyones smile!!
We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.
Please support us passionately from on now too!


We’ll do our best!

The first day in Tokyo, we’ll do our best!

To make it a great stage performance, we ask for your hot support!

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[FANACC] 100613 JYJ@Thanksgiving Concert

I really love this fanaccount so I had to post it :P
Just got back… Don’t know where to start

Let’s start from everyone crying together…
Until now I still didn’t cry, because I want to memorize everything I saw by heart
So I’ll continue telling everyone what happened
In the middle MC time, when they were talking about what they felt at heart, Junsu was going to cry, but Jaejoong said… We cried on the first day, second day as well…
But, because today, because we are here, so we won’t cry, we will face everyone with smiles until the end
At this time on the big screen Junsu held back his tears, Yoochun didn’t seem have much reaction
Jaejoong… um… was okay, smiling
They didn’t cry, at that time I thought, I can go home and tell all the fans that today, our boys did not cry!

But… They still cried… In the very very end… the end…
When they held up their hands, when they bowed… cried… lift up head… Using hand to cover his mouth… saying sorry. He ran off stage, that cry…… could be said he broke down….. because we all heard it.. really loud… he ran off backstage… the cameraman kept filming… thanks cameraman… seeing it… Junsu followed, and cried loudly as well, but not like Jaejoong’s broken cry… Yoochun didn’t cry, I saw clearly, Yoochun ran off last…

Okay, now starting from the beginning… they didn’t cry…
but during the beginning, they shed a lot of tears… but didn’t cry… just tearing…

[CAPS/GIFS]Soulmate@Lotte Duty Free Ad

[VID/YT/ENG SUB] ChunJaeSu@Lotte Duty Free Ad

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[SCANS]JaeChun@Lotte Duty Free HQ