Jun 29, 2010

[NEWS] 100629 Tohoshinki Trio In America For Recording

it gets interesting....finally some sort of more official news...
I hope they won't be staying too long....I already miss them T___T....

3 members of Tohoshinki – Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun flew to America for a recording. An official confirmed on the 28th that the three are currently staying in America and are working on their new album.

They also said that “The three members are planning to release this album in August, so they are currently preparing for that. With Asia as their target, this album will be released under a well-known international recording label. ”

Songwriter Kim Hyun-Suk is the producer for this project, and popular American hip-hop singers Kanye West, Timbaland and others will also be involved.

source: [Chosun Online]
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[VID + GIFS] 06122010 Soulmate @ JYJ in Tokyo Dome

I find this video very funny...
They know how the video effect works.
Genius adorkable Soulmate... <3>

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[SCANS] 06292010 JJ @ Heaven's Postman Manga

[PICS] 06282010 Soulmate @ Kimpo Airport

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I was just away for a moment then JJ is sick?

I was sick too... flu :-(

[PICS] 06292010 JJ @ Red & White Kouhaku Rehearsal 2009

[Info] Mnet Japan HOT Ranking: Fashion Leader Star + Sexiest Abs Star



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[WALLPAPERS]JYJ@Lotte Duty Free Calendar - July

When I've seen these first I was sure they are fanmade...but it seems I was wrong XD

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800 × 600

1024 × 768 1280 × 1024

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[CAPS]YooChun@Beautiful Love

hm...I don't know are these from the trailer..never mind...enjoy :P

[SCANS]JaeJoong@THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME(from rella4125) Part 2