Jun 16, 2010

[PICS]100611 YooChun at Gimpo Airport

[TRANS] 100614 Eriko Kitagawa Twitter’s Update

this is hilarious she totally forgot about JJ XD...wasn't her daughter still very young?...yet it heartwarming to read such things ^^.....
It would be wonderful if from now they can continue the beautiful form, continue to shine. Oh, the lady that is subbing Heaven’s Postman with me (sorry, can’t remember the name!), for you, I got Yoochun’s signature! I’ll give it to you when the subbing for Heaven’s Postman is done.
About Yoochun’s charms, because it will be long, I’ll say it here. Should I write it? That, want him to be my daughter’s husband. Having a kid like that I will be happy(what? I’m looking for a son-in-law?) . So I thought this way, and when I saw him in real life I still thought this way. Today, “Who is Yoochun”, was rude, sorry.
No no, I don’t want Yoochun-ah. That kind of kid, if he could be my daughter’s husband. I mean, it makes the parents comforted. Can I say it like that? There’s a comfortable feeling. Yoochun, I observed backstage, is a very nice person. Just in front of my eyes.

credit: Eriko’s twitter+baidu
trans by: sharigyoochun.net

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[TRANS] 100614 Avex Vice President Ryuhei Chiba Twitter Update

it seems our RSS feed was not working in the past days, we apologize for that and we'll try to come up with a solution as soon as possible ^^

“I want to see you” – the live started from this line of lyrics

Red glowsticks + Backstage

Afterparty together with Sam
Dinner is up next so goodbye for the time being

Amongst a spectacular stage, this live can be described as being particularly outstanding.

[TRANS]100613 Inoue Kozodesu’s Twitter Update & 100615 Kikuchi P’s Blog Update

we're pretty much used to have fanacounts but not that used to celebfan-accounts XD....we're better get used to it as the toho effect is taking over Japan...:P

100613 Inoue Kozodesu’s Twitter Updates

I was at JYJ concert! No matter it’s their great singing abilities, their harmonization or their dancing skills, every part of it was touching. There’s only one point which felt a little lonely, which is, there wasn’t 5 members. However, I’ve came to understand what fans of the three of them really wish for. Please keep supporting them so their dream wouldn’t be just a dream. Fighting☆

source: Inoue Kozodesu’s Twitter
translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
special thanks: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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100615 Kikuchi P’s Blog Update

2010/06/13 “Bokurano Ongaku” and others. I went to JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THNAKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME

(few sentences omitted)

In the evening,
I went to the Tokyo dome.
I was looking forward to the event very much!
I was also impressed by their tears in the last part.
I met Yoochun after the performance.
He was a little bit wild-looking (lol).
I haven’t seen him for a long while.
It was a long time since I’d seen Jaejoong singing, too.
I saw the 3 members in their relaxed fashion (lol).
I will look forward to the summer day,
when we can work together again!

source: Kikuchi P’s Blog
translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS]Urata Naoya (AAA) Twitter Update

for sure pretty boys love JJ....YC be careful

“I ate Soba with Jeajung yesterday. It was really yummy. I wanna go again!”
“It’s about 4year?” RT @manappe123: @UN1982 “You are close friend with Jeajung-san!! how many years have you been together?”
Tomorrow is JYJ! It’s great! I’m really excited to go!

source: Urata Naoya twitter
trans by: sharingyoochun.net
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I say watch out as they seem very close

[TRANS] 100608 Lisa Blog Update: JYJ Power!

I think I'm gonna spam this blog today...I've been reading this with a smile on my face...she's just totally fangirling XD....charmed by our boys...could it kimchi...their amazing source of energy? :P

JYJ Power!

Kyocera Dome!
It was thoughtful.
Me and my manager Fujishiro-san are both very happy!

what is that? that’s delicious hot meal!

You can see the meal if you see this picture carefully!

Jaejoong-kun, Yoochun-kun and Junsu-kun are all from Korea,
thus the hotmeal was Korean as well!

That Kimchi was really delicious!
I was so impressed!

I had a second helping of Kimchi! lol

These are Japanese radish, cucumber and and chinese cabbage kimchi!

So delicious!

While I was eating kimchi I was thinking that the power of kimchi is amazing…
Because our body and throat become warm, thus energy improves, and the voice that comes out will be good…

Maybe Junsu-kun has wonderful voice because of Kimchi? of course it’s because of his own talent as well.

Maybe because of Kimchi, they are so powerful! and Yoochun-kun’s smile!lol

[PICS/SCANS]JaeJae&YooChun@JYJ fangoods

[PICS]10 06 09 Stalking YooChun

we're slow at updates T__T sorry...and thank you for all of those who already applied to be JCS staff member...keep those coming and after a few days we'll take a decision :)

without no doubt blue suits YooChun so well :P and someone is amazingly hot even if can only see half of his head XD...but really I'm not kidding.....I love those lips....

^ I can't decide is he getting skinnier or not?