Jun 2, 2010

[INFO]Complete Renewal of official Site “JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN”


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^ gotta love the stripes

[PICS]JaeChunSu@Lotte Duty Free

It looks like there is already a party going on :D...JJ is the flower lady again XD

[PICS]Stalking Soulmate in Sydney

[PICS] Sunao ni narenakute Official Gallery EP.7

[Scans] Heaven's Postman Telecinema 7 Part 2

[Scans] Jaejoong Part in KBOOM Mag - July Issue Part 2

[Pics] JaeChunSu Ads for Lotte Duty Free + Calendar – June


[Pics] 100601 Yoochun @ Gimpo Airport Part 2

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[Pic] Yoochun ~ Beautiful love – Seventeen Magazine

credit: nonchan-jj
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[Pics] 100529 Stalking Yoochun +Yoochun New Dog