Aug 11, 2010

[Spazz] Jaechun in Action on 3HREE Voices Dvd



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[PICS] Yoochun's Cyworld Update 100810 + New tattoo revealed

the tattoo reads "my jaejung yuhwan junsu". i believe the rest is whited out for a reason.
and hands up if anyone else spies some major soulmate going on here, since jaejung's name is placed first (:

source: yoochun's cyworld

[Pics] Yoochun in KBSTV September issue

credits : KBSTV

[Pic] Asta TV Aug Issue

[Pic] Stalking Yoochun on 100720 + 100724 + 100803


[Pic] Jaejoong – Making of Heaven’s Postman Part 2

feast your eyes... we got 56 pics^^

[Pic] Sunao ni narenakute collection

[Info] Poll: Artists You Want to Make Bread With?

miss me??^^ im sick for last 4 days.. today im on M.C.. lets update this blog^^ let start with jaejung sshi!! yay!!

Artists You Want to Make Bread With – Kim Jaejoong at #2

With the popularity rating of TV drama ‘Bread King Kim Tak Goo’, people interests on bread has been increasing, therefore a poll about ‘Artists You Want to Make Bread With?’ was conducted by official music website monkey3 from July 29th to August4th.

TVXQ Kim Jaejoong who gathered 353 votes occupied the 2nd place in the rank. Jaejoong is known as an artist who does cooking in daily basis. Netizens said “Since he’s good in cooking food, then he must be good in making bread too.”

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thank you to Kai and Gwen for updating this blog... love you!!
And for all Muslim out there... wish have a blessing Ramadhan.

[Pic] Jaejoong – Making of Heaven’s postman

ahh~ jaejoong oppa! always so handsome!!!~