May 5, 2010

[PICS]YC@Tohomobile( 100505 )

[TRANS] 100503 The Television Weekly No.18 part 3

Doctor: His feelings for Haru doesn’t change.
Very aggressive to ask Nakaji why he make Haru cry.
He has a cute side and asks his little sister Minha for love advice

(off-time story)
Tamayama Tetsuji:
Only Jaejoong-kun…He’s like a fairy!

For the first time Eita-kun, Jaejoong-kun and I went to eat at the studios cafeteria. At the set im the oldest and the staff members are people I know we’ll so I try to communicate the most. Filming is fun too and last time there was a scene where we all walk the street I don’t know why but Jaejoong-kun was left in the middle. I don’t know how that happened…He’s mysterious like a fairy

Jaejoong suggested the 4 to do the Kamehameha (dragon ball) but got rejected. So Jaejoong tried it alone.
“I’ve done photo shoots like this before but when your doing it it’s so fun”
‘Jaejoong who showed his Kamehameha excitedly but before posing “Is kamehameha from the right? Or the left?” and was making sure’

Jaejoongs Murmur: I wanted to try it (shy)