Apr 30, 2010

[PICS]Max Matsuura Twitter update@JJ has a DBSK pic as a wallpaper on his cellphone

Matsuura-san's English is great ^^...this is the continuation regarding the Thank You project that was made for him ^^

Credits: masatomatsuura@twitter

JaeJae is such a wonderful soul...we'll wait with you ^^

[SCANS]Photobook - The Glory and the Suffering

Soulmate pic XD...

[CAPS]JJ@Sunao ni Narenakute Ep.3 Part 2(from COCOROHERO)

[Project Outcome/VID] Cassiopeia thanks Matsuura-san!

Thank you Matsura-san for what you have done for THSK since their debut in Japan ^^ and also thank you for talking to us fans!

thank you for participating ^^

[GIFS/CAPS]Soulmate@Oldies-TNC Peace

I've forgot from where they are T___T...sorry if you could help me out with this...

[GIFs]JJ@Sunano Ni Narenakute Ep.3 Part 2

I think I should beg mercy from Chu after making these....but just imagine after YC's drama is out we could make such great fanvid out of these...like an out of time love story..they trapped in different centuries XD...lol...I'm going overboard..

Credits: jaechunsoulmate

[SCANS]YC focused@DBSK 4th Story Book

[GIFs]JJ@Sunano Ni Narenakute Ep.3

Credits: JJ baidu
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[YT/VID]JJ Cut@Sunao ni Narenakute Ep.3

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this is cute but YC won't be happy at all XD

[CAPS]Sunao ni Narenakute Ep 3.

Apr 29, 2010

[TRANS] Beautiful Love Synopsis

Magazine reporter Hinata (Aya Oomasa) was visiting South Korea for a magazine interview. Whilst she met one of the baddest man by chance, Yong-soo (Yoochun), the son of South Korean chaebol Yasunori group.

Later on, Yong-soo as the representative of the conglomerate group came to Japan to buy a major hotel line. When Hinata returned to Japan, she’s surprised to again, encounter Yong-soo who was wandering around the city!?

Hinata was being unaware that he’s the rich son being rumored to lost on street, while Yong-soo has escaped for freedom as he’s fed up of the life bound to be a conglomerate. Through multiple interactions, the two started to

[TRANS] Yoochun’s BARKS Interview - Beautiful Love Drama

– This series will debut in Japan, so what is your opinion about this first work (role) offer to appear in drama?

Yuchun: I have never done acting seriously, moreover the Japanese…. honestly it’s very uneasy.

– This is also your first time filming in Japan, how do you think about the actual shooting?

Yuchun: It went well, all co-stars, also thanks to the director and all staffs’ support, it was really fun. All the artists seemed to do it seriously, and I thought the artists schedule was a tight one.

– Please tell me the memorable scene during the shooting

Yuchun: Since the shooting went with no time to practice at all, everday at the end of filming I would still stay with my manager at home and studied the script for the next day filming. I had lack of sleeping time. The anxiety and pressure whether I have already prepared myself properly and the need to sleep soon, also I didn’t have any appetite to eat, it was really hard. But acting is fun and

[SCAN]Josei Jishin(100428 )

Just one pic....just imagine going out and meet with JJ who's skating in the park...by the way I've dreamed about YooChun...lol...he was actually filming his mobile drama in my neighbourhood

Credits: ohmuzi + Hey!JJ
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[SCAN]JJ@TV Guide Magazine Part 2(100428)

[TRANS]100428 Chiba Ryuuhei’s Twitter Updates

T/N: Please read from bottom to top.
Last one.

[YT] Yoochun@Beautiful Love~BeeTV Drama Shooting

this makes me happy....I'm tired but it makes me happy..we want subs...lol

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Apr 28, 2010

[PIC]JJ@Childhood Photo

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[SCANS]JJ@TV DRAMA Magazine Vol 36(from cocorohero)

These are huge...just save them and you'll see XD....oh my heaven's heaven heavenly postman XD...*dies*


you have to bear it with me as I finish posting my found fanarts XD...lol...no luck with the Soulmate ones......not really XD

[TRANS] 100428 Tohoshinki’s Yuchun's Drama Debut On Birthday. Junsu Sings Theme Song And Interlude

Going on indefinite break at the peak of their popularity, Tohoshinki’s member Yuchun started his solo activities starring in a drama “Beautiful Love ~If you were here~” (Every Wednesday, 12 episodes, 10 min per episode) and will start airing via mobile phone program producer BeeTV on 4th of June (Monday). As for the date of the drama debut, it will be during Yuchun’s 24th birthday.

For this drama, Yuchun plays the role of Yunsoo, the son of a Korean Conglomerate. Hinata is a journalist who dreams of being a novelist and their love story accidentally begins. This is a typical Cinderella story which every girl dreams about. The female lead is Aya Oomasa, who is a popular model and also acted in “Perfect Girl Evolution” (TBS). Filming was mainly done in the city, at various popular spots around Tokyo as the setting of their date scenes. Both of them showed natural acting talent.

[PICS]JJ@ Chiba Ryuuhei Twitter Update + random gif XD

Credits: Chiba Ryuuhei Twitter + JJ baidu
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you should try it instead with YC...he's waiting XD


[PICS][PICS]YC@More Beautiful Love Official Photos(100428 )

[CAPS?]YooChun@Beautiful Love

So I presume these are some caps from the drama...maybe some promotional video...I don't know chinese so yeah..I have no clue what it's written there.....

[SCAN]JJ@TV Guide Magazine(100428)

waiting for better scans ^^.....

[PICS]YC@Beautiful Love Official Photos(100428 )

I'm even more jealous right now.....but that's what comes with the lead role....you get the girl :D

[PICS]100425 Stalking Yoochun Part 2

[TRANS] 100428 Yoochun's BeeTV Drama Beautiful Love "Kimiga Iireba"

good morning XD

The worst and best love of my lifetime, will start.

Beautiful Love
~If you are by my side~

Aya Oomasa (T/N: heroine, 19 years old)
Kyo Nobuo
Mayu Tsuruta

Theme Song "Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~" by XIAH junsu

Can you hear junsu's voice in the background in the video here?

Source: Beautiful Love Official HP & sainokuni @ Dailymotion
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

I'm jealous but I'll survive


something interesting under the cut....I need your help..

^ somehow really missed this so far...big thanks to the awesome soulmate-a-day com.

^ Always loved this for some reason..lol...probably because I'm crazy about Soulmates? XD