Mar 30, 2010

[PICS] Jaejoong @ Women's Weekly Magazine

[Info] Micky Party 2010

As early as now, Cassies are organizing Micky's birthday! \*(^_^)*/

MICKY PARTY 2010 ~ Hello Again, Fly Again ~

OPEN : 2010.04.06

Credit: DNBN
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[PIC] 03302010 Sunao Ni Narenakute Ad in Shinjuku

I envy the people who pass in Shinjuku's underground subway.

SunaoNare Twitter:

Credit: on pic + MeliteHero
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DBSK - [TRANS] 100326 Friendly Yoochun Visits the Dental Clinic

TVXQ's Park Yoochun came for treatment today at the Rosehill Dental Clinic^^
He received a dental treatment~ and also a nail art service ^^

Something came up suddenly, so we were not able to take a picture..^^
He has a following treatment, so he said he'll take a picture then ^^
When that time comes, we will upload it on our homepage ^^
For now, we upload his signature~^^

For Yoochuns' healthy and bright teeth, we Rosehill will do our best ^^
Thank you~!

Signature for the clinic:

Translation: suhanASHLEY and MY베이비 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Now we know why Micky has shiny white teeth that make his smile more charming.
And errr... nail art? What could be the design?
If only Jaejoong was him...