Apr 23, 2010

[PIC] 04222010 Max Matsuura's Twitter Update

He looks tired... DX

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[CAPS] JJ @ Sunao Ni Nrenakute Ep 2 part 1

[CAPS+SCAN::SPAZZ]Soulmate Enangled

ah...old good times XD..one of my favorite Soulmate moments^^...I know there wasn't so much space yet XD...and they look pretty much comfortable ....

focus on the legs XD

ok we take it it can happen once but then during the shooting for Shine...again the relaxed mood...I just love YC's dandy attitude...this caps have a "wanna write fanfics mood" over me....they've thought we won't pay attention because of the table.. just one step left till Chunnie's lap....but we had that too XD
and this one just because the looks so pretty...our two Paku-chans :D

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seeing these makes me miss the old Soulmate forum......anyone still remembers me from there T____T ?

[YT]Sunao ni Narenakute Ep. 2

Fresh...it seems it will be an interesting and challenging drama..

[2/5] [3/5] [4/5] [5/5]

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Watch Ep.1 Subbed [HERE]

I'm a bit tired today XD...lol...think I'll tell you goodnight ^^

[SCANS]JJ@KBoom 7 Part 2

[PICS]Micky Baidu Bar Fangoods

[TRANS] 100422 Tohoshinki’s Representative Seki Yoshihiro’s Twitter

ah.....5...3..T___T...think I'm starting to loose my mind

T/N: Please read from bottom to top.

Did you watch Sunanare? Today, JeJung was doing his best while filming for 5 hours in the rain, so he’s saying that he will later eat a 5-person meal (LOL). A message from JeJung, “A lot more things will happen in episode 3, and things will get even more interesting, so please don’t forget to watch it.” I like it ♪

A message by that recording director! Please at least check the CDs!

It’s… Doushite!

I’m going to announce the answer!

My job is like a carrier pigeon! By the way, just a little talk of the past. There’s a director who came to me being all excited and said, “The best song in my whole life being a director was born!”. Well then question for you! What song is it?? Of course it’s their song!

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[TRANS]10042 Shukan Post No.30 – Ueno Juri “Personal Japanese Lesson” for Tohoshinki Jaejoong

YooChun please do not read these magazines XD...or you'll have your revenge later?

It seems that there will be tweets full of enviousness for their closeness.

The new drama started in April 15th “Sunao Ni Narenakute” has had many attention on it ever since the first broadcast. It’s a story about 5 people meeting through twitter, a love story that looks too good to be true. However, seems that on the drama’s shooting set there is already a “rumor” about one man and women, they’re no other than the main character Ueno Juri (23) and Tohoshinki Jaejoong (24).

During the break time, Ueno Juri is teaching Jaejoong Japanese one on one. She takes out stuff from her bag and teaches pronunciation for him and writes the casts names in kanji and teaches him how to read it. Jaejoong takes notes and is really looking serious. Their closeness is to the point you can hear each others breath and it makes us who are watching feeling nervous as well.

[INFO]100420 Pops in Seoul – The sweetest most romantic boys of K-pop

Ah ~~~ how could I miss this...XD...YooChun and Rain XD...haha....this reminds me of some Rain-YooChun interaction during Mirotic days....:P

Pops in Seoul broadcasted by ArirangTV.
There is a part called “Pops Faves” every time which is like a chart with different categories every Tuesday,and 14th april they chose The sweetest most romantic boys of K-pop

1. (Bi) Rain
2. Micky (TVXQ)
3. Nichkhun (2PM)
4. G-Dragon (Big Bang)
5. Min-ho (SHINEe)

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[VID]DBSK Training Days

Found the source of the [CAPS]

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Junsu's voice is almost the same <3