Jun 5, 2010

[Fanaccount] 100604 JYJ THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME Rehearsal

Just read this and it got me all excited XD

We were lucky tonight! Manda, Steph and I decided to try and walk to the Kyocera Dome since it’s near where we’re staying, just to get a feel of how tough it’d be if we have to walk back should the station be too crowded. And turns out the boys were having rehearsals!

We caught the middle of Been So Long, a practice ment and yes, Rainy Blue with a special surprise ;D There was also an unknown JaeSu duet (we couldn’t recognize the song) but the best surprise then was a JYJ version of Greatest Love of All! We are totally going to be blown away tomorrow, I guarantee it! I’m not going to spoil the surprise by revealing all the songs we heard but I think you guys might want to know that there might be a video ment using Kimi ga Ireba as the background music.

But the best, the utter highlight of this impromptu concert was what might (I repeat, might, it is not certain) be a an actual JYJ single. It’s a powerful ballad, and it doesn’t sound like anything we can recognize but it has their trademark all over it. It’s going to be a heart-wrencher baby. I really, really hope that this will be their new single.

[CAPS/PICS/GIFS]Soulmate Birthday Habits-Mark and Lick

don't know how's in other places but here it's time for a birthday party to start XD....

So the cake finally arrived :P

^ JJ is getting anxious.....lol

^ you see

^ and then he sits back.....but why?


to perform the Soulmate birthday ritual :P

^ don't ask me why is so small XD

and then JJ licks his finger :D

^ getting shy emotional.....

yeah love is in the air XD

ok let's see some pics too

but first of all it's all about(some fangirls said not me XD)