May 13, 2010

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[INFO] Asian’s Hottest Men (100512)

The latest polls are out and we are ready to bring you the scoop on who came in the running for the hottest man in Asia! Perhaps you will be surprised to see that many of your favorite idols, actors, and athletes clinched quite a good spot on the list!

We start with #68 which went to the cute actor Park HaeJin. The 67th spot went to Kim DongWook, you may remember him as the cutie in MBC’s The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince or in KBS2’s Partner. 66th place went to South Korean swimmer and national swim team-member Park TaeHwan. Actor HyunBin comes in at #64, but sorry girls, he’s already taken by actress Song HyeKyo! Super Junior’s own, Lee DongHae clinches a spot for himself right before HyunBin at #63.

Moving onto the cuties who ranked in the 50s. At #54 we have actor Chun JungMyung who is currently starring in KBS2’s Cinderlla’s Sister. Actor Kim Bum is directly in front of him at #53. The 51st place goes to volleyball player Moon SungMin.

Super Junior’s Lee SungMin starts off the list for the men ranked in the 40s section at #47. Above him, at #45, is actor and model Yoo SeungHo. The 43rd spot is taken by actor Jang GeunSuk, who you may remember from his recent role in SBS’s You’re Beautiful. At #42 is actor, singer, and model Ji HyunWoo. Number 41 is given to badminton player Lee YongDae while #40 goes to actor and model Joo JiHoon who you may know as the prince in MBC’s Goong.

The 39th and 38th spots are reserved for the DongGun’s. Number 39 goes to Jang DongGun while #38 goes to Lee DongGun. Shinhwa’s Lee MinWoo comes in next at #38. The next spot, goes to his band mate Shin HyeSung. He is beaten by actor and model Kang DongWon who comes in at #33. H.O.T’s dancing machine, Jang WooHyuk is #32. ChangMin tops the 30s section at #30.

[News] Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal Starring Micky Yoochun, KBS is Confirmed to Organize

Yoochun’s first starring drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ is confirmed to be organized by KBS 2TV drama.

SungKyunKwan Scandal production company on the 13th, “Drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ has been confirmed recently to be organized by KBS 2TV, and is scheduled to broadcast this September’s fall.” as said. Following the confirmation, in the official website, a temporary characters showing the F4 of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ comic characters is revealed.

The characters that are revealed are the male-dressed version of Kim Yoon-hi (Jung Da Young), the stander Lee Sun-jun (Yoochun), Goo Yong-hwa (Lee Song Ki), and Moon Jae-sin, giving a glimpse image of the F4.

Even from the cast until the production begins, Yoochun from group TVXQ starring in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ drama has been a hot topic. Yoochun and Jung Da Young have had their scenario practice since the 9th, and in the end of May, the first shooting is expected to begin.

The unique drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ crew, “This will give the highest view of a historical drama. Setting in the drastic change during Jiseon Dynasty, the drama will show a trendy feeling.” revealed a high confidence about the drama.

Meanwhile, ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ is the first-ever local drama which has setting in SungKyunKwan University during Jiseon Dynasty, the story will be revolving around the college freshmen and draws out a sweet romance in SungKyunKwan.
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as i thought is on KBS.. yipi!! i dont have to watch online XD

[TRANS] 100511 Jaejoong @ Arena 37 C

[Premiere of drama & backstage interview
2010.4.12 @ Tokyo FM Hall]

Although I was very nervous because it was my first time being in a Japanese drama, everyone treated me very sincerely and this is what enabled the smooth filming of the drama!

In the Fuji TV drama "Hard to say I love you", it's the first time Jaejoong is acting and he was also present in the premiere of the drama as well as the backstage interview. On that day, all 5 main leads expressed their thoughts on the first episode after watching it. At the same time, Jaejoong also mentioned his feelings as he challenges acting for the first time. Next, we will talk about the situation of the activities that day!

To be able to see my face in a Japanese drama is a really fresh expereince! (Laugh)
Every time "Doctor" is feeling hurt, he will think of 'Haru'. That is why I really envy 'Nakaji' (laugh)

"Hard to say I love you" is a drama that focuses one 5 friends who met through Twitter and how their relationship slowly grew to real friendship as well as the love story that happens within them. This drama will start airing from the 15th of April, every Thursday at 10 PM on Fuji TV. However, before the airing of the first episode, they held a "Premiere & backstage interview" event. Those who attended the backstage interview not only had the script writer and the directors of the drama but all the leads as well as Jaejoong, who is appearing in a Japanese drama for the first time. Before the premiere of the first episode, the 7 got on the stage and had a short greeting session under the request of the host. Eita very confidently said, "Just like the atmosphere everyone is feeling now, when the 5 of us were filming, we co-operated very well. I believe that from the 2nd episode onwards, everyone will like this drama." Jaejoong also smiled and said to everyone, "I'm really happy today..". Following that, he looked at the the host and then the audience while saying, "I am really grateful that I am able to attend the event today. Although it is my first time acting in a Japanese drama and I'm really nervous but thanks to everyone's sincere care for me, the drama had a smooth filming process."

[CAPS]Soulmate@Boy Pop Factory(091021) Part 2

some more caps I found after...
part one HERE

[SCAN]JJ@The Television - No. 19

[PICS]YC@Beautiful Love Update

[PICS/TRANS]100511 Tohomobile part 2

The new assistant is working!

Park Seonsu, “XIAH junsu-san, please let me take pictures of you!”

Park Seonsu, “How do they look??

XIAH junsu, “Aren’t they good? They just capture my image, thank you!”


Small role-playing…?

[TRANS]Yoochun's Cyworld Updates(100512)


T/N:Yoochun was down with the flu bug a while back.

Source: Yoochun's Cyworld, baidutvxq
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[TRANS]JaeJoong@The Television (14 May) – Hard To Say I Love You Interview “An Innocent And Complicated Love”


D.O.B: 26 January 1986
Country of birth: South Korea
Blood type: O
Debuted in 2004 as part of Tohoshinki
This piece of work is his first TV drama in Japan.


Although I really want to say cold jokes like “Don’t look down on the bugs~”… (t/n: “bugs” = “small fry”;the Japanese terms for “look down” and “bugs” sound similar)

The location is in a mess of fun. As the filming content is rather somber when we film individually, every time everyone gathers together it becomes especially lively. I’ve also been telling cold jokes to make myself more likable… Just now there was a bug on the canopy, so I really wanted to say “Don’t look down on the bugs~”.

However, in the end, I restrained myself because I’m not sure if everyone will laugh if I say it. The one with the most humour cells is Eita. He just has to say something and it’s hilarious. That’s his good point!