Apr 21, 2010

[FANVID]YooChun@You Drive Me Crazy

XD....ah...good morning...good morning....I have to go and take care of things but I'll leave you with this fanvid I've found yesterday...I bet a few that voted for than An-An Poll have watched it before deciding over their choice...kya...not that you actually need to watch that vid to think like that...at least as a fan

Credits: hualagirl@YT

so like I told you before hualagirl is one of my new youtube accounts...I hope it will last longer...gonna post some old stuff too...damn..I miss making fanvids.....the above is not mine :P...hm...anyone knows who sings the song?....I'm sure I've seen an MV or a performance of this song but I can't recall the name

[TRANS] 100421 Eriko Kitagawa's Blog Update

2010-04-21 00:33:36

Oh, Micky-san (T/N: Micky is the HN of the follower of Kitagawa's blog)

Oh, Micky-san, you wrote "Aigo" isn't used by young Korean boys, but Jaejoong was using it often.

"Aigo~ Aigo aigo aigo~"
Since he was always using the (T/N: Korean) word, I asked him.
Jaejoong’s lecture, which continued for 30 minutes, started.

And the word became popular at the location site, and I wrote it in the script.

Is Jaejoong a bit off?

[Spazz] Endorsement Anyone??

[CAPS] 04182010 JJ @ Warette Iitomo Unseen Cuts

[SCANS] JJ @ TV Weekly Magazine

[PICS]YooChun@A-nation 2009

We've posted a few of these but at a lower quality ^^
just save them..they will be larger....

[FANARTs]JaeJoong@Sunao ni Narenakute

[PICS] JJ @ Sunao Ne Fuji TV's Site Stills Ep.1

[PICS]Micky@Wedding(17 Aprli '10)

As long as is not his weding...lol...
looking great :P

[PICS::SPAZZ]Soulmate Couple Cloths

If you watch the Toki wo Tomete MV you can notice all the boys wear similar blouse however only YC's one is blue-green(can't see it more clear in the off shoot)....I was just saving Warrate Iitomo caps when it hit...so either they have two...or they share XD....

[PICS+INFO]YooChun's Cyworld

Ok I wouldn't stay update as I didn't checked it in the past months....so this is how it looks like now...

^ that pics is supposed to be from inside the goong....I presume...
even if some time ago yellow rose symbolized jealousy nowadays it means warm feelings, friendship, joy..but we have the part "Be Happy"...just after JJ had fun all night long with his friends...jealousy? XD...

The background music...