Apr 26, 2010

[FANARTS]JJ/YC/DBSK@Various artists

[PICS]JJ@Official Sunao ni Narenakute Gallery Ep.2

[PICS::SPAZZ]Soulmates sharing the same car?

I was talking about this on my previous post.....so are the cars the same?..for sure they are both BMW...but can't see the car plate for both situations...here is also a fancam from when it picked JJ up from the airport

I personaly think they are....from what I've looked after it looks like a BMW M3 convertible Coupe...the price here in Romania it from 70.000 $(so I doubt it's the big guy's)...lol....blue_faith said that it may be Su's car.....however I've checked Su's airport pics from today and there are no car pics except this one...it doesn't look as the same car too me but I may be wrong...so then it's a Soulmate car?....is YC's car and he sent it to pick up his darling JJ from the airport?....or is after all Susu's car?....XD....

guess maybe that's why JJ was dressed so Chunish that day XD

maybe he though YC would be there too...I'll wait to see if there are more pics ....I wouldn't have been so excited if I wouldn't have see on the 16th at Soulmate baidu 2 topics about the car that picked JJ that day...but please insert here a major Lily vs. Chinese language fail XD....and also a google translator fail XD

Credits: as tagged
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[YT]YooChun@predebut(gosh ~~~)

I've watched the vid 5 times in a row before posting it.....can't believe...so cute ......aish XD...so young....yet so much the same XD

Credits: tvxqnest@YT
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[SCANS]Soulmates in Paris

I'm not sure if it's all of it XD...I miss Paris...please come to Europe again and I make sure to visit that place as soon as possible...

[PICS]Baby JJ@from Herose

Credits: herose + JJ's baidu bar

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dare to say he's not a natural beauty and you'll have to deal with me XD

[PICS]YooChun@Various from Magnolia&Michael

I'm sure at least part of these were posted by Zam but after 30 min of searching for the post I gave up and decided to post them.....YC's baidu bar keep posting such goodies and I personally can resist to save them over and over again.....I'm sleepy T___T

[GIFS::SPAZZ]Soulmate@Tokyo friend park

saw this on SYC ^^.....lovely Soulmate moments....hand ship times XD.never actually saw the full show.....

the saw was pretty much an OTP paradise....but I'm biased so XD......

^ oh yes....fangirls JJ is mine......give it back to me XD

^ Hey look at me...I did it for you XD

[PICS]Stalking YooChun (04.25.10)

From what I've heard after he went to do some karaoke and rap a bit XD....hey blue babe

[TRANS] 100425 Eriko Kitagawa's Blog Update~Soulmate Fangirl Perhaps?

hey ^^...how are you...I've spent a pretty nice day visiting some relatives on the mountains...thank you so much for the tremendous support given lately...I'll continue to do my best....for the next weeks I'm gonna be the main writer around here...hope you'll have patience with me ^^

remember one of the previous times she talked about YC?

2010-04-25 03:30:51


I just found a song of Tohoshinki that makes me cry (a song that gives me tears).
Just hearing the song, I am in tears.
Well, it may be that I am through some difficulties now.

Until today, I was just hearing the song. But from today, the song gives me tears.

That sometimes happens.
The meaning of the song, story, or movie differs
to you by the timing you meet the works.

And, now, the song which makes me cry is,
Love Bye Love

This is the name of the song.
Does somebody know this song?

I am in tears hearing the climax of the song.