Jun 9, 2010

[PICS]JaeJoong@THANKGIVING Live in Dome(from melitehero) part 7

[CAPS]JaeChun caps from the concert VCR

I've certainly have to finish watching all those fancam till they don't delete them :3
Hopefully today...

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ok yes fanservice but after studying their behavior for the past 5 years XD...I can tell you it's not always like that...however fanservice or not I'm so enjoying it....and YC still loves JJ's waist XD...ok these 3 caps killed me for today as it wasn't already hot enough here XD

[PIC/TRANS] 100607 JaeJoong@Tohomobile Staff Blog


He’s having drama filming at a location close to Mount Fuji ♪

Doctor is getting super excited (LOL).

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[TRANS] 100608 Updates on TVXQ Trio’s Worldwide Album

TVXQ’s three members JaeJoong, JunSu and YooChun, who are currently entangled in a lawsuit with South Korea’s major entertainment company, SM, have plans to produce a new album in the United States of America. This album will be released in August this year.

According to media reports, there is a possibility that the trio has secretly formed an agreement with a music-related personnel in America, and this new album is set to be released worldwide. The report also stated that the new album will be produced with the best production team. Well-known Korean composer, Kim Hyung Sik, and one of America’s leading music producer, Timerland, along with other famous names has been linked to the production of this album.

A relevant personnel of the new album expressed, “Regarding the new album, we will be releasing it through a well-known U.S music company.” However, while this album might be shipped worldwide, its sales are targeted mainly within the respective Asian countries. TVXQ’s trio plan to fly over to America this month, and this trip is predicted to begin discussions about the album and recording sessions.


[FANCAM] 100608 Stalking Yoochun

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[PICS] 100608 Stalking Yoochun

someone looks so radiant ^^...love is so beautiful, love is so beautiful....

[SCANS] 100609 JaeJoong@The Television Magazine

[TRANS] 100609 Jejung To Participate In “Food Prejudice King”

Jejung participated in FujiTV’s “Food Prejudice King” for the first time and it will air on 17 June (Thursday. He will battle it out with voice actor and singer Nana Mizuki, who also participated for the first time.

The challenge is to guess whether the other contestant likes or dislikes the food, after watching a display of reaction to the food. While quietly watching how Nana Mizuki looks when she eats the food, Jejung observed that “she doesn’t really put it into her mouth and her facial expression hardens a little”.

However, when he was eating Japanese food that he himself didn’t like, he also laughed with a “huhuhu” sound.

During the programme, they also talked about which female actress Jejung likes and what his ideal type of girl is. Jejung received a lot of attention as he tasted Korean and Japanese food.

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I believe we didn't posted these two but you girls take them down if I am wrong....

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[FANACC] 100608 JYJ THANKSGIVING LIVE at Kyocera Dome (Day 2)

No tears! (laughs)
The smiles of the three of them were shining brightly~
There was a lot of time today, so the talking part was especially long

JeJung said, “Really wish to prolong today’s LIVE as much as possible!”

Every cheered upon hearing it, and did a human wave?
Before singing the last song, JeJung said, “I was thinking initially yesterday that I cannot cry, I cannot cry, but I still did in the end…although I don’t know what are everyone’s thoughts, but I personally feel that it’s very lousy for a man to stand on stage and cry…so I will work hard to let everyone see my fullest smile today!” ^^

And like he said, today, it was really all smiles! Smiles! Smiles!
Compared to yesterday, the fans were even more united today!
Especially when they sang < >, everyone followed along, and everyone’s voices was resonating throughout the entire dome, it was really moving~ (tears)

Therefore, during the “lalala” part, it was more shocking than yesterday? (smiles)
Then came the part that made every fan in the audience cry out (burst into laughter)
Today, he chose a 15-year-old fan who was wearing a mini Katyusha (the one like a card).
Everyone was screaming more crazily than yesterday!

[PICS] Sunao ni narenakute Official Gallery EP.8

[PICS]100606 YooChun@Gimpo Airport

Right after the concert YooChun and Junsu headed back to Korea...

[TRANS] The Painting W (to friends) Lyrics

Late at night
The stars formed letters
I believe till today that it wasn’t a coincidence
In the same darkness at the same distance
Always drawing the W

To make you able to see, it will shine even brighter
Keep in mind that I love you

One day we will meet again
Close the eyes to think of you
Your position
It is still the same yours as before
Only wish that you’ll be very happy

The dream of our future
We will ascend the ladder step by step
Waiting for you

One day we will meet again
Close the eyes to think of you
Your position
It was still the same you as before
Until the day we meet
We will protect your place
Because we believe that we are able to smile with you again

Even as time passes by
Even if the road ahead will be more painful
You will always be
Our Pride…

source: YUAERUBI + baidu
trans: sharingyoochun.net + jaechunsoulmate


[PICS/INFO]Fan gifts for Micky Yoochun

He received stars from some Japanese fans :3