May 24, 2010

[Spazz] Jaejoong's Stalker

stalking JJ at bathroom?? o_O

he's good at following JJ around too

^ it pretty much like stalker pic to me..XD

caught you!!

it always crack me up everytime i seen this picture.. lol

i hope this can make up our lack update lately.. we're pretty busy chasing our own dreams just like JaeChun.. lol ^.^
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[Spazz] Baby's Beannie Sold to Soulmate Couple

they sharing this cardigan (Yoochun's pic) as well... :)

[Pics] 2010 MICKYPARTY Hello Again Fly Again Part 2

i wanna go!!

[Pics] JaeChunSu Ads For Lotte

credits: dnbn
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jj's tattoo.. n i can smell soulmate in this picture!!