Jun 23, 2010

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[TRANS] 100619 YC@TV Japan – Beautiful Love

Now on BeeTV his first drama !

Cellphone broadcast drama “BeeTV” is airing Yoochun’s first drama. He plays the role of a conglomerate son that falls in love with a girl who dreams of becoming a writer. He confessed his view on love,behind the scene stories and secret stories. 10 questions you can only ask here, is going to expose Yoochun!? Also introducing the upcoming stories of the drama!

10 things we want to ask Yoochun

01) Why did you challenge “Beautiful Love ~if you’re here~?
-The story was really good, and I thought “lets challenge a lot of things right now!” so I accepted it.

02) What is the character you played, Yoong-Su’s personality?
-He has everything but he doesn’t have anything he really wants. He’s actually a sad and lonely person. He is full with human-ness and is attractive.

[PICS] 100620 Stalking Yoochun part

he looks adorable ^^

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[YT] JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN / 3hree Voices(information movie)

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