Jun 4, 2010

[YT/VID/ENG SUB] Yoochun BeeTV drama “Beautiful Love” Episode 1

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[SCANS]YooChun@Nikkei Entertainment

[TRANS]100604 TVXQ Trio Planning On Worldwide Album With American Flare

Three members of TVXQ (Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun) will join hands with an American musician to produce a worldwide album.

It has been found that the three members will create this album with influential people of pop culture such as famous U.S. producer Timberland and Korean composer Kim Hyung Suk.

A representative who is participating in the album production said, “A famous American music distribution company will be participating in this record project,” and “It is a worldwide album but the main target will be Asia. There is a high possibility that the three members will fly to the United States sometime this month to record.”

The three members’ side stated, “Although it is true that they are preparing an album with Kim Hyung Suk, we will not reveal any specific plans for the moment.“

Source: [yeonhap news+DNBN]
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[Caps] Beautiful Love Episode 1 ~ Kissing Scene

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[SCANS] JJ @ TV Pia Magazine June 2010 Issue Part 2

[PICS] 100603-050910 2TH ALBUM SHOWCASE

Just wanna share the black haired JJ back in the days...

[SCANS] JJ @ TV Pia Magazine June 2010 Issue

[PICS] JaeChunSu @ Lotte Duty Free Part 2

[Pic+Trans] 100602 Beautiful Love Mobile Update

It seems like a fun date Hinata and Yoong-Su’s hearts connect
The 2 start to get attracted to each other but…

What is ahead of the gaze… What awaits the two’s future!?
You cant take your eyes off the sad expansion!

It was a painful and lonely days that continued…While the intense training continued the only help for Yoon-Su was to draw.
Yoong-Su’s past holds the key to the story!!

Its not the status or money, what is the most important thing…?
What awaits Yoong-Su in the future!?

[TRANS] 100603 TV Pia Magazine ~YuChun’s Interview

BeeTV is the sole broadcaster for DOKOMO mobile phones and the number of BeeTV user accounts have gone past 1 million~! There will be new updates and recommendations for PIA TV’s readers everyday!

YuChun, a highly popular singer, will debut for the first time in a Japanese television drama. It has become a hot topic not only because of the appearance of YuChun, but also because the drama illustrates “a romance story between a wealthy guy and an average girl”, and such a Cinderella-like romance story is every girl’s dream.

[Beautiful Love~ Kimi ga Ireba ~], which will begin broadcasting on 4th June, will star YuChun as a South Korean typhoon named Youngsu, the heir to Tae Do Group. He is a typical rebellious youth, possessing a superior attitude to everyone around him, and does not trust anyone. He later meets a Korean reporter, Hinata, and they had the worst first impression of each other. What happens then when they meet each other again in Japan?

Playing the character of Hinata is a young actress named Omasa Aya. What kind of romance will YuChun and Omasa Aya play out?

[Beautiful Love~ Kimi ga Ireba ~]
YuChun’s Interview

When I found out that I was to star in a television drama I was very ecstatic, but I was also uneasy as all the lines were in Japanese. Moreover, I didn’t have much time to prepare, and there was a great pressure on me because I really wanted to act out the character well, so every night, the staff and I will cut down on our sleeping time just to practice reading the script. However, once I began filming, I felt happy being able to act. Catching the right Japanese accent was really hard, so as I was filming, at the same time, I would inquire from the director, and it was pretty tiring.

The character which I play, Youngsu, has a different personality from how I usually am, so it was a bit harder getting into and understanding the character. He could see that his real self was getting closer to Hinata, and it was not because of money. It is really good to be able to have a girl like Hinata, who can understand Youngsu completely. Omasa Aya, who plays the character of Hinata, is always very bubbly, and she has given me a lot of help. When we filming the last scene, I was a little startled when Omasa was not around. I didn’t know of it at that time, so it shocked me a little.

Through this acting experience, it was really interesting to be able to experience a life different from my own. I would like to try acting out different characters in the future. This television drama is about how both men and women can have a common desire to want to know and understand more people. During this week of filming, I have been moved a lot of times. I’m really happy to be able to share all these with everyone.

YuChun’s First Challenge At A Romance Drama

Youngsu gently hugs Hinata, what will happen to the fates of these two people who met coincidentally from here on?

How The Shooting Scene Is Like

(Top) Director Kato Hiromasa complimented YuChun saying “YuChun is a great actor”
(Bottom) On the first day of the shooting scene, both of them were very happy and harmonious

(Top left) Both characters who met at a Korean hotel. First impression was very bad!
(Top right) Hinata blogs about what happens every day and the troubles on her heart.
(Bottom left) Both of them taking a photo as a memory for their first date in Tokyo.
(Bottom right) Even though he is a heir to a financial magnate, Youngsu refuses to give up on his dreams.

Source: PIA TV + baiduTVXQ
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[TRANS] 100603 Micky Yoochun Challenges Concept - Flower Boys = High Drama Ratings?

Airing in September, Micky Yoochun's Korean historical drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" will join in on the "if you want to have high drama ratings, find an idol group" concept.

Recently, high television ratings have all had the same point. Many flower boys have entered into the scene, burning young females' hearts with their handsome looks and warm, caring personalities. The start of this current trend no doubt began with F4 from "Boys Over Flowers". The actors of F4 - Lee Minho, Kim Bum, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, and T-Max's Kim Joon - were all beginners in terms of acting, but received many invites to film for advertisements after the drama became a big hit.

After that came "You're Beautiful", earning an immense amount of favor from the creation of the group A.N.JELL inside the drama. The groups' members, including FT-Island's Lee Hongki and C.N.Blue's Jung Yonghwa, both gained a lot of attention. Especially since rookie Jung Yonghwa participated in the SBS Music Awards and other shows like We Got Married, he has become a dynamic new star.

Now, everyone's attention is focused on Asia's mega popular group, DBSK's member Micky Yoochun, who will play the character of Lee Sun Joon in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" that is about to be released in September. Will Micky Yoochun's performance once again guarantee the concept "idol star=high ratings"?

Fans are eagerly awaiting whether or not this drama will once again start up the flower boy current - and there is a great chance that it will.

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[TRANS] 100602 Japanese Magazine “女性自身” – Yoochun’s Interview

Omasa Aya and Yoochun star as lovers! The live interview will be coming right up~

Omasa Aya and Yoochun, who has a high popularity in Asia, will star together in a television drama by BeeTV. Omasa Aya will be playing the part of a paranoid 22-year old reporter, Hinata, whose dream is to become a writer.

Omasa Aya (quoted as Aya in the interview below) : This is my first time acting as a career woman, and the outfits are different from what I used to wear, the colour of my hair is also a bright colour. In the scene where I have to act drunk, I even asked the director how I was supposed to do it (laughs).

Even though they faced an intense schedule, the atmosphere was very peaceful when they went to different parts of Kanto for their filming location. However, this is the first time Yoochun-chan is using Japanese to act!!

Yoochun (quoted as Yoo in the interview below) : There was an intense amount of pressure, and I hardly ate anything on the first day.
Aya : You said you couldn’t sleep?
Yoo : Yes, I was still very nervous when I arrived at the filming location. I only got used to it slowly after I became familiar with everyone, it was very trying.
Aya : Yoochun-chan improved in both his acting and Japanese, very outstanding!! I only know a bit of Korean, so I am working hard to learn it. It is really amazing to skip sleep everyday and work hard to memorize the lines.

A banter of Japanese and Korean on a relaxed shooting scene.

How was the first meeting like?

Yoo : Even though we have seen the photographs before, when we met in reality, she looked more mature than me with her black hair~
Aya : At that time, I even got a CD from Yoochun
Yoo : I, didn’t say anything else after greeting her…it was really awkward…it was hard on you (laughs)!
Aya : Please don’t go there again~ (laughs)!! I was also very nervous initially. It was also my first time starring together with an artiste. However, for this shoot, everyone, be it the staff or the other actors, we got familiar with each other really quickly.
Yoo : The surrounding environment was very good! The shoot was always filled with non-stop laugher.
Aya : On certain occasions there would be some weird conversations. I don’t know why, but it felt like we were trying to kill time??
Yoo : Ah!! Round butt pen!! (PS: The pronunciation is the same as Omasa Aya’s last short sentence) Erm…Japan’s laughter gag
Aya : Ahahahahaha
Yoo : This is the atmosphere…most of the time
Aya : Also, we would whistle quite often
Yoo : Actually, we were usually singing songs, maybe next time (laughs)

On the day of the interview, we welcomed Yoochun-chan, who completed his shooting first.

Yoo :When I got the script, I wrote my kana name on it, and it was really tough when I practiced reading the script, but it was a job that left a deep impression on me. Even though it is a straightforward love story, please pay attention to my acting.
Aya : There are also sad scenes, but there are scenes with Youngsu (Yoochun) which involves pleasant interactions too.

Even though Hinata and Youngsu first met each other at the worst time of their situations, but such cases do exist in reality.

Aya : Perhaps…
Yoo : For me…[meeting] Aya was my first experience. I’m kidding! It must have been hard on you (laughs)

Source: 女性自身 + Mr Park + baiduTVXQ
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[TRANS] 100602 TV Pia June 16 - Jejung's Impromptu Korean Spurts!

(t/n: this is a section of Jejung's interview)

"The filming for the drama has already finished halfway. Now, doctor has perfectly blended into my body. Even if we're not filming, I still exist as doctor. Like how innocently blank he can be (laugh).

I feel that although doctor has always been using Japanese, he still unintentionally bursts out Korean words when his emotions get the better of his logical thinking. Because of this, whenever I film such scenes, I will spontaneously add in a few Korean lines.

It is really fun when all 5 of us film. Sometimes, even if I like talking a lot, my Japanese isn't as clear, so it causes everyone to be confused and kind of creates a cold atmosphere. During those times, Tamayama-san will directly say to me, "what did you mean by that?" immediately relieving the situation!

In my opinion, I hope that the 5 of us are be able to achieve happiness by the end. Compared to how doctor will be in the future, I'm more concerned and anticipating how all of us develop."

Source: [heyjj]
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[TRANS] 100601 Seventeen Magazine - Yoochun's BeeTV Promotion

Yuchun’s first drama!
BeeTV’s dream-like drama release.
It will be released on Yuchun’s birthday through mobile phones!

While Jejung's drama debut is causing a stir within the younger generations, Yuchun too is generating drama filming news! BeeTV has recently been providing us services which include dramas, music, and variety shows. To subscribe to this, members have to pay a monthly subscription fee of 315 yen. The number of members has exceeded one million, and the drama will also be released on DVD after the whole broadcast.

Alongside the drama, other features that are worth taking notice of are the interview with Ichihara Hayato about his drama "Methods of Getting Married to a 40-Year-Old Woman in 90 Days" and the broadcast of Amuro Namie's and Madonna's concerts.

BeeTV’s 『Beautiful Love~君がいれば~』 starring Yuchun will be released on the 4th of June via mobile phones...

『Magazine reporter Hinata visited Korea to work on an article. There, she coincidentally meets the worst man ever, Yong-soo, the son of South Korea’s richest man.

Yong-soo then arrived in Japan in place of his father to purchase a major hotel. When Hinata returns to Japan, she's shocked to meet Yong-soo who was wandering the streets again.

Hinata, being unaware that Yong-soo is the rich man's son who's rumoured to be missing, and Yong-soo, who got bored of being the son of a conglomerate thus running away and finally getting his freedom – together, they soon started to understand each other more after a few fateful meetings. Now without any money or status, what is truly the important thing for them? Together, Yong-soo and Hinata try to find the answer. How will their love story go?』

Source: Seventeen Magazine + nonchan-jj (scans)
Translation: mel @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: linhkawaii and diana© @ OneTVXQ.com
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