Apr 9, 2010

[TRANS] 100409 Tohomobile Staff Blog


He still had to film for more running scenes!

The filming location at night was cold, but YuChun was doing his best!


Still continue…

He was in the middle of shooting for the posters!
How does this YonSu look?

While drinking warm coffee to keep himself warm, he said out out, "My favorite smell is… coffee's smelllll!" and entered the studio (LOL).


Today's location is…

Starting at a place like this!

After he arrived, he was concentrating on studying his lines. He was having a final check for some serious lines in a scene!


Quiet time

While the cameras were being set up, YuChun was listening to the quiet sound of the waves while looking at the ocean.

This is it! This is "Twilight YuChun"!

[Pic] 100409 Tohomobile: Chun at the Beach!

[VID] 040710 Soulmate @ Kimpo Going To Japan

Love the background music... "Stay with Me Always" by Dru. XD Stay together Soulmate~!

Credit: HeroMicky
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[SCANS] 070410 Jaejoong @ An-An Part 5

Already had enough of Jaejoong's an-an? I hope not because some of them are sooo~ big...

You'll love what she named her scans...

Credit: frapbois

[WALLPAPERS] Jaejoong @ an-an Mag

Credit: DNBN
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[PIC] Jaejoong Beside Sunao Ni Narenakute Ad

Jaejoong ended his shooting the other day.

Source: Chiba's Twitter
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[PICS] Yoochun's Shooting Scene in Lovin' You

[TRANS] 100408 Toho Mobile: Yuchun's Drama

This is…?

YuChun's script with furigana*!
(*The members can't read Kanji well, so they need furigana to help them with Kanji reading)

Right after he came back to Japan, upon his wish, he practiced reading the script with the manager. Since he practiced so steadily, it seems like he has perfectly mastered his lines.

Today too, he's been filming since the mornin~g!


I'll do my best today~!

Even at 8am, YuChun looked this refreshing!!!!

Although he didn't have enough sleep, he still screamed out with all his fighting spirit, "I'll do our best today~!" ♪


During standby~!

Today, even though it was the first day of filming… he had running and running and running scenes (LOL).

[TRANS] 100408 "Micky & Hero's Acting Battle will Open in an Island of Japan"

Soulmate powa~!


Culture News
2010/04/08 06:32:23

Summarized Translation

Micky Yuchun and Hero Jaejoong of TVXQ will open an acting battle in an island of Japan.
(*T/N: Japan is a small country and it is island. Actually three plus islands. Many small ones are in there too.)

It is announced that Micky Yuchun will act as a rich Korean young man who falls in love with a traditional Japanese woman (staring Japanese top female actor Omasa) in the upcoming BeeTV drama “Loving You” in June.

And Hero Jeajoong will act in the new Fuji TV drama “Sunao ni narenakute” in April. Jaejoong’s drama is written by Eriko Kitagawa who also wrote “Heaven’s Postman”. Hero Jaejoong will act as a Korean doctor. (*T/N It is his twitter name in the drama.) The drama features Japanese top stars such as Juri Ueno and Eita.

Micky Yuchun will also act in an upcoming Korean drama, “성균관 (Sungkyunkwan) Scandal”. In the drama, he will act as a son of a respected family named “이선준 (Lee SunJun)”.

Since Micky Yuchun decided to act as an actor this time, now that all five members of TVXQ are in their acting activities. The leader YouKnow Yunho acted in the MBC drama “Heading to the Ground” last year. Followed by Hero Jeajoon’s “Heaven’s Postman”.

Xiah Junsu acted in the musical Mozart. Max Changmin is working on his drama “Paradise Ranch” right now.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: news.hankooki.com/Korean Daily News+as tagged+SYC+Baidu
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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