Apr 13, 2010

[FANART]Soulmate Comic

Ok so I tried to put this in order...looks like the sketch for an Soulmate "manga" :P...YooChun super-mega popular guy and JJ drolling over him ? lol...the artist is korean....the same who draw this ones: [1] & [2]

sadly I don't have her website link...know she sells Soulmate stuff....I'll see if I have somewhere more from her

[SCAN::OLD]Soulmate skinship

Since we probably won't have too much Soulmate interaction for a while I think it's time to revive the "oldies but goldies" session....I have to recheck and see what we posted so far XD...for the moment I hope you'll enjoy this one ^^


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[PICS]Jaejoong Sunao ni narenakute stage greeting part 2(100412)

gonna post these 3 as he looks so adorable...

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[GIFS]Jaejoong@Waratte Iitomo(100412 )

Me: JJ how's going on with YooChun?

JJ: Well about that?

Me: I heard you're sharing a room again?

JJ: You see....*embarrassed*

[Pic] 100413 Tohomobile

Tomorrow Jejung will make surprise appearance at TELEPHONE corner of ‘Waratte Iitomo!’

“Iitomo, you should watch~!! Everyone, so that I can do it well, please wish me luck!”

by Jejung
*jaejoong sama*
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[Pic] 100413 Yoochun @ Gimpo Airport

[Trans] 100413 “Who’s Your Favorite TVXQ Member?” Blog Ranking Japan

“Popular Blog Ranking Site” held a poll to ask “Who’s Your Favorite TVXQ Member?”
The Poll was held from February 14~April 12, 2010.
Total vote count was 7940 and the results are as follows.

#1 Yuchun 1775 votes(22.4%)

#2 Yunho 1670 votes(21.0%)

#3 Junsu 1661 votes(20.9%)

#4 Jaejoong 1636 votes(20.6%)

#5 Changmin 1198 votes(15.1%)

Always Keep The Faith!

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[Trans] 100413 Chiba’s Twitter Updates

“I will try my best to fullfill your request tomorrow.
This is the last photo I have.
I will try to ask Korea to send me photos.
Tomorrow is warm. Good night everyone.”

By Ryuuhei Chiba, Avex CSO/Vice President

Always Keep The Faith!
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[CAPS]Jaejoong@Waratte Iitomo(100412 )

SM must have gone crazy filling a lawsuit against the JaeChunSu lawsuit suspension..this makes 3 lawsuit for them..or Crebeau one is only against SM...my heart hurts but I can't do a thing just be happy for the positive things happening right now...like the dramas ^^..so let's enjoy some caps with our sunshine butterfly ^^

[TRANS]JaeJae&YooChun@Tohomobile Staff Blog( 100412 )

first of all good news about me XD...I've ditched my part time job that was no part time after all as sometimes it took me all day long...this should lead to good things right :P...I'll rant over my LJ :D...hm tomorrow

Please look forward to it ♪

The premier for “Sunao ni Narenakute” has ended~!

The drama will start at 10PM on 4/15 (Thu) ☆ Please look forward to it!!


While waiting…

He’s plaing black jack with staff members?

YonSu is the dealer!


[TRANS]JJ@Sunao ni Narenakute Stage greeting + First Episode to be aired on the 15th

*posting a few articles in one shoot :P

100412 Jaejoong Screamed at a Shocking Kiss Scene “Naaahh~~~!”


A member of Korean popular group of 5 “TVXQ” of Jaejoong (24) had a “scream of the soul” by a preview of the Fuji TV drama “Sunaoni Narenakute” (Broadcasting starts at 10 PM on the 15th) at a press conference of an completion announcement on the 12th.

Jaejoong’s Japanese drama debut product is a youth group drama of five men and women who got to know each other through “Twitter” which murmurs one’s “now” in less than 140 characters.

[TRANS+PICS] 100412 Chiba’s twitter updates

Why do you have so much pictures that aren’t from Tohomobile?
- I have no more. I’m almost out of topic. Please don’t abandon me~

It seems that Yoochun finished filming his drama.
- Yes he did. Thanks~. I have to go to the gym and dinner with candygirls so I’ll be back later

[PICS+CAPS+VID]Sunao ni narenakute stage greeting(100412 )

[TRANS]YooChun@Tohomobile Staff Blog(100411)

Yoochun's facial expressions never fails to cheer me up XD...anyone else excited about this drama?

It’s cold~!

This is YonSu who was using a hand warmer to warm himself!

He only had about 5 hours of rest between the yesterday’s filming and today’s, so it’s a very hard schedule.

When the filming finished, YuChun said out loud, “Nochihodo (Eventually)~~~~♪” and made everyone laugh.


Hey hey (-.-)

Snatching the maid outfit from the props, YuChun turned into this…