Mar 31, 2010

[Trans] 100331 Eriko Kitagawa's Blog Update

we rarely sharing Eriko Kitagawa's blog update.. but i cant help when she mentioned Yoochun.. ^.^ i think this is the second time she mentioned him.. the first one was when she called JJ on the plane where YC was the who answer it.. XD

2010-03-30 23:17:19

To ToJaeTen members.
I found that I was mishearing Jaejoong's andユチュン's voice. (T/N: Yoochun. The correct Japanese spelling and pronuciation should be ユチョン. Kitagawa-sensei has made a mistake and misspelled Yoochun's name here)
Looking at the PV.

Coming back (from the Twitter), my first greeting are this…

Many have said that they cannot follow the Twitter,
so for the time being, I will write in both the blog and the Twitter.
Maybe, I should be tired. Of the Twitter. (Controversial remarks. But I'm serieous.)

By the way, was it Apri 12?
Is there a person here who won the lottery for the "Sunaoni Narenakute" preview event, celebrating the first completion of the drama?
I myself will participate.
Will someone be there?

[Pic] Junior Magazine April 2010 Issue

[Pic+Trans] 100330 Jaejoong – Sunao Ni Narenakute update from Fujitv

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[Pic] 100330 -100331 Stalking Yoochun

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[TRANS] 100331 "Finally Confirmed!" Jaejoong’s anan Issue will be #1704

It is finally confirmed and announced officially by anan (Magazine House)!

Jaejoong will be featured in the next anan issue #1704.
It will be out on sale on April 7th, 2010 (Wednesday) in Japan.

It does now write if Jaejoong will be a cover or not.
It simply writes "JEJUNG! Jaejoong will talk about love".

Always Keep The Faith!

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Want to pre-order?

an・an ( アン・アン ) 2010年 4/14号 [雑誌]/著者不明

[PIC] Preview: Jaejoong @ An-An Magazine

The owner bought an-an today and this is the preview for the next issue!

Credit: micky-yuchun@ameblo
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[INFO] 100328 Singer You Want to be Your English Tutor

1. Micky Yoochun (DBSK)
2. Jaebum
3. Tiffany (SNSD)
4. Nicole (Kara)
5. Nichkhun (2PM)
6. Kibum (Super Junior)

NATE + Monkey3
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Can you concentrate if ever Micky is your English teacher?

[Info] 100330 Anan Confirms Jaejoong in 1704 Issue

How to make a lover
JEJUNG! Jejung talks about love

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Glad or disappointed? XD
But the question is... how revealing could his answers be.

[SCANS] Jaejoong @ The Weekly Television No. 34

Kyaahhh~! Wagaya no Rekishi with Jun Matsumoto and Horikita Maki on the cover! Arashi too! *throwed with Jaejoong's mobile phone*

Twitter here, twitter there. Lies, Mr. Park. I mean Park SonSu.

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[PIC +TRANS] 100330 Jaejoong in Sunao Ni Narenakute Update from FujiTV

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[PIC + TRANS] 100330 Tohomobile: Jaejoong @ Train Station

First Personal Experience!?

He’s doing well at the drama’s filming o(^-^)o

JeJung looked very excited at his first time riding a train in Japan ☆

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Mar 30, 2010

[PICS] Jaejoong @ Women's Weekly Magazine

[Info] Micky Party 2010

As early as now, Cassies are organizing Micky's birthday! \*(^_^)*/

MICKY PARTY 2010 ~ Hello Again, Fly Again ~

OPEN : 2010.04.06

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[PIC] 03302010 Sunao Ni Narenakute Ad in Shinjuku

I envy the people who pass in Shinjuku's underground subway.

SunaoNare Twitter:

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DBSK - [TRANS] 100326 Friendly Yoochun Visits the Dental Clinic

TVXQ's Park Yoochun came for treatment today at the Rosehill Dental Clinic^^
He received a dental treatment~ and also a nail art service ^^

Something came up suddenly, so we were not able to take a picture..^^
He has a following treatment, so he said he'll take a picture then ^^
When that time comes, we will upload it on our homepage ^^
For now, we upload his signature~^^

For Yoochuns' healthy and bright teeth, we Rosehill will do our best ^^
Thank you~!

Signature for the clinic:

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Now we know why Micky has shiny white teeth that make his smile more charming.
And errr... nail art? What could be the design?
If only Jaejoong was him...

Mar 27, 2010

[FANART] YC & JJ @ Mirotic by tknk

Came across these... They're sooo beautiful. TT__TT
I want these paintings in my room.

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[SPAZZ] Soulmate's Pointy Shoes

Soulmate-- where sharing is always loving...

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[TOHOMOBILE] 100327 YC & JJ @ Toki Wo Tomete PhotoShoot

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[FLASH] DBSK Way Back Rising Sun Era

I am not sure where these videos are from. AADBSK? Help? Thanks anon! XD

Notice how quickly Jaejoong put his fist on top of Yoochun's before Yunho gets on it.

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[SCANS] JJ + YC + DBSK @ The Secret Code Photobook

Mar 26, 2010

[VID] Sunao Ni NarenaKurete Teaser Trailer 15s

April 15 is the day! The day after Jaejoong's an-an will be released.

Credit: Col cg + kokayz@lj
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Aren't you guys excited? XD

[Tohomobile] 100325 Yoochun's "Fresh Look"

The hair... Looks like he just woke up.

Is he doing well~?

We were wondering if YuChun was doing well, so we contacted him!

Since he said, “I wanna eat ramen…”, we believe that he is doing very well (LOL).

We asked him, “Please give us something for Tohomobile!”, and we received a picture of “Fresh YuChun”, so please take a look of him♪

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Tohomobile should have morning-after look pics from all of the boys!

Mar 25, 2010

[News] 03252010 Korea -Japan Joint Project ‘Tele Cinema 7′ is Debuting as Japanese Manga

[News] Korea-Japan Joint Project ‘Tele Cinema 7′ is Debuting as Japanese Manga

Tele Cinema 7 which wraps up the leading Korean and Asia wave stars; TVXQ’s Hero Jaejoong, Big Bang’s TOP and Seung Ri, Ji Jin-hee, Kim Ha Neul, Ahn Jae Wook, Kang Hye-jeong, Cha In-pyo, Han Hyo-joo will be entering Japan’s manga area.

According to KENAZ (representative Lee Woo-jae), Tele Cinema 7 manga content will be finalized in late May in Japan, and in corporation with SKT comics portal site ‘Toondosi’ and Japanese mobile provider, will start selling the manga via e-book store.

Even from the planning stage, ‘Tele Cinema 7′ had been drawing a lot of interest from public since it’s a project that gathers famous Japan directors and South Korea artists.

‘Heaven’s Postman’ which stars TVXQ’s member Jaejoong and ‘19′ which stars Big Bang’s TOP and Seung Ri will start screening at the end of May in Japan theaters, while in summer the movie will broadcast through CS satellite broadcast transmission and DVD is planned to release in fall. A full-fledged Japan advancing plan is already decided, and it’s expected that ‘Tele Cinema 7′ along with its manga contents will create a big fuss in Japanese market.


It will be different reading the manga with the postman that we're used to.

Will it also have a passionate kiss like this?

[SCANS] Toki wo Tomete CD + DVD Part 2