May 6, 2010

[PIC]YC's Message to Rosehill Dental Clinic(AKTF!)

check the pics HERE

oh so it was in March?..I love that heart...babe we keep the faith eternally ^^

[CAPS]Soulmate@Boy Pop Factory(091021)

pretty much JJ centered, after all I've took them from HEY!JJ

[SCANS]DBSK@ARENA37°C SPECIAL MAY 2010(from infinityhk)

[SCANS]JJ@TV GUIDE(from infinityhk)

[GIF]JJ@The Secret Code Live Tour

I just saw this...I know it's old but it looks amazing ^^...ok not that old :P

Credits: jkpksnet
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[PICS]Stalking YooChun(100502)

PICS]YC@Tohomobile(100505) Part 2

[FANCAM]Stalking Yoochun(100502)

I see the Lexus, the Porche and the BMW XD...and that in his hand is supposed to be the scrip :D

Credits: uploader
Shared by: SYC + JCS