May 18, 2010


Charismatic XIAH!

XIAH junsu “I am a charisma…!”

Park SoongSu “a,are you okay!? I’m a little worried…”

Appears again!?

The tank top stylist assistant Park SoongSu *laugh*

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[TRANS]YC@Electronic Advertisement for “Beautiful Love”

2010-05-18 00:30:23

I heard that there is an electronic advertisement in Shinjuku nowヽ( ゜ 3゜)ノ
Oh~~~I want to see it~
M-san, thank you very much!

[SAZZ]Yoochun’s old school

yoochun’s old school, he is listed under notable alumni xDDD

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[PICS]100517 Stalking Yoochun

[TRANS]100510 Shirota Yu, Yamapi, Jaejoong Went Eating at Restaurant Together

According to the restaurant waitress’ blog:


Yesterday to my restaurant,Yama-P, Shirota Yu, and Jaejoong (Tohoshinki) came to eat~!!Even though I had no interest on them, yet if I see them in real life you’ll be excited~ *laughs*

someone asked her if she could tell more about the incident and she replied~

[TRANS]JaeJoong&Junsu@Tohomobile Staff Blog

He had an interview ♪

He had an interview for MUSIC JAPAN!

A picture with Sekine Mari-san!!

[PICS/TRANS]YC@Beautiful Love Mobile Update

Eating Nabe(pot) together!?
YongSoo visited Hinata’s apartment which she lives with her boyfriend, Akira(Nobuo Kyo) Why is this happening!?

They come home together!?
Hinata goes back her home with YongSoo
Hinata hates him and called him”nasty guy”..but what is the reason
that she takes Yong Soo home…?

[PICS]JJ@Official Sunao ni Narenakute Gallery Ep. 5

stills from EP.1 EP.2 EP.3 EP.4

[TRANS]Notice Regarding The Female Lead For SungKyunKwan Scandal

Many people asked questions regarding certain aspects so here is an overall notice.

There were many questions asking whether shooting would start today at Moongyung.
We were planning to shoot some scenes but this schedule was canceled.

There is no filming going on today.

And the final decision for the female lead will be made next week.

We will upload the news article on the New News thread or post another notice when the decision is made, so please refrain from asking further questions about the female lead…

Thank you.

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[SCANS]JaeJoong@Korea Entertainment Journal - June 2010