Apr 1, 2010

[VID + Info] 040110 JEJUNG of Tohoshinki Shows Abdominal Muscles on the Cover of "anan"

Tohoshinki (東方神起, DBSK, TVXQ) member JEJUNG (ジェジュン) will be on the cover of fashion magazine "anan" which is issued on April 7. A special interview "JEJUNG!ジェジュンが語る、恋のこと(lit. JEJUNG Talks about Love!)" with 8 color-print pages will feature the corner "Koibito no Tsukurikata (恋人のつくりかた, lit. The way of making a lover". JEJUNG was offered this chance by the editorial department because he has just started activity as an actor in Japan and will be cast in a Japanese drama soon.

In the history, Japanese actors or singers such as Masaharu Fukuyama (福山雅治), Sho Sakurai (櫻井翔) and Jin Akanishi (赤西仁) used to feature the cover of "anan". This time, the photo shooting was taken in the March and JEJUNG had well-prepared, keeping fit and healthy. It is said that he had been on diet since one day before the shooting. As a result, a beautiful bodyline with clear abdominal muscles and strong upper arm were presented perfectly in the photos and even charmed staff in the photo studio. JEJUNG said with a smile: "I felt nervous and embarrassed during the shooting."

Source: Music Japan

[TRANS] 100401 Jaejoong Appeared in More TV “After this I am going to eat like mad!” says Sexy Jaejoong


Masaharu Fukuyama and Kiyoshiro Kato etc,
all kinds of popular stars are featured in the cover page of anan.
And who is picked this time?

JJ: "Kimuchi~!!"

Staff: LOL

It is TVXQ’s Jaejoong.
TVXQ is doing so well like their new single “Toki wo Tomete” being the top at Oricon single chart.
Member Jaejoong will act in the sprig drama in Japan, he really is “IT!” (the hottest) person.
To prepare for this photo shoot, he skipped his meal a night before.
He poured his spirit in this photo shoot.

JJ: “After this photo shoot. I am going to eat like mad!”

(*爆食/Baku Shoku=Direct Translation: Bombing Eating.)

Staff: LOL

Later Jaejoong’s Sexy Photos will be revealed!
Jaejoong will laugh, sing, and sleep~~~!!!


TVXQ’s Jeajoong is decided to be the cover page of next anan issue!
At the begging of the photo shoot, Jaejoong seemed to be a little bit tense.
But later on, we could observe the scene of him humming a song.


JJ: “Kanarazu Asu wa Kuru Kara~” / “Tomorrow will surely come~”

(*And he looks at the camera. Is this his message to us fans?!)

What a sexy singing voice!
And to match with his sexy singing voice, sexy photos are taken.
This is it!

anan which you can find Jeajoong’s sexy shot will be on sale next week on Wednesday (on April 7th)!

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Otake Makoto no Sukkiri News
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[Pic] 100401 Jaejoong - Anan Preview in Zoom In

ready for major nosebleed??

[News] The Eye-Glued Unpublished Pictures of TVXQ Jejung

From the five members popular dance vocal group TVXQ, Jejung (24) will appear as cover feature of anan (magazine, 420 yen) which will be released on the 7th. Sankei Sports are able to get the unpublished pictures that are not going to be shown in the magazine.

The pictures are one with barely buttoned white shirt and hardened abs, showing a cool and sexy shots of Jejung. While the other picture shows Jejung sit crossed legs, and giving melancholy stares.