Apr 30, 2010

[PICS]Max Matsuura Twitter update@JJ has a DBSK pic as a wallpaper on his cellphone

Matsuura-san's English is great ^^...this is the continuation regarding the Thank You project that was made for him ^^

Credits: masatomatsuura@twitter

JaeJae is such a wonderful soul...we'll wait with you ^^

[SCANS]Photobook - The Glory and the Suffering

Soulmate pic XD...

[CAPS]JJ@Sunao ni Narenakute Ep.3 Part 2(from COCOROHERO)

[Project Outcome/VID] Cassiopeia thanks Matsuura-san!

Thank you Matsura-san for what you have done for THSK since their debut in Japan ^^ and also thank you for talking to us fans!

thank you for participating ^^

[GIFS/CAPS]Soulmate@Oldies-TNC Peace

I've forgot from where they are T___T...sorry if you could help me out with this...

[GIFs]JJ@Sunano Ni Narenakute Ep.3 Part 2

I think I should beg mercy from Chu after making these....but just imagine after YC's drama is out we could make such great fanvid out of these...like an out of time love story..they trapped in different centuries XD...lol...I'm going overboard..

Credits: jaechunsoulmate

[SCANS]YC focused@DBSK 4th Story Book

[GIFs]JJ@Sunano Ni Narenakute Ep.3

Credits: JJ baidu
Shared by: jaechunsoulmate

[YT/VID]JJ Cut@Sunao ni Narenakute Ep.3

Credits: uploader
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this is cute but YC won't be happy at all XD

[CAPS]Sunao ni Narenakute Ep 3.