May 19, 2010

[SCANS]100519 JaeJoong@The Television Weekly No.20

Credits: tvxqchamie
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[PICS]10.05.19 YooChun@Gimpo

probably heading to Japan XD...preparing for the Dome thing or maybe upset about the rumors? XD

[SCAN/SPAZZ]Soulmate@The Glory & The Suffering PhotoBook

anything special about this photo? XD

nothing beside the way JJ leans on looks like taken from a different picture XD

Credits: as tagged + hey!JJ
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[PICS]Stalking YooChun - 10.05.17

[INFO]YooChun Cyworld Update(10.05.19)

Someone's missing's a beautiful glittering background ^^

on the left beyond the photo it still says treatment...T___T

then the background music that.....
Band : MATE
Album: Be MATE

[CAPS]JJ@Sunao Ni Narenakute Ep.5(from HEY!JJ) Part.4