Apr 22, 2010


I've wanted to scan my copy but the scanner is dead...
I certainly miss those days T___T

[PICS]100422 Stalking YooChun

hello babyface XD...

Credits: as tagged
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[INFO]YooChun@Cyworld Update(10.04.22)

He changed his background picture and his music playlist...I was thinking about him..yesterday he still had the old one...
^ anyone knows what's written there? T___T

ah and now the background music...our Chunnie seems heart broken T___T....if he would had a loved one then he would probably had more time to meet up *coughgetsstabbedcoughbyjoongie*...



mystery solved regarding the titles XD....lol..gonna edit my previous post a bit later

[SCANS]JJ@Arena 37C Magazine

I'm confused now as I've posted a few of these pics and various sources said KBOOM XD

[CAPS]100422 YooChun PhotoShooting Session

they were just posted on baidu...still I have a dejavu moment.....Survivor haircut o_O?..or maybe not..I hope he's promoting the BeeTV drama...I'll see how it turns out XD

[FANACC] 100422 Hyungboo Restaurant

remember that restaurant where JJ and YC went recently(although separately)...a fan visited and shared some pics of thier signatures and not only :P

[PICS::OLDIES]Soulmate@My Girlfriend

this is from..hm....from back in 2008...
YC announcing his single my girlfriend...JJ seems very happy....but...
gasp....YC looks away.......to his left XD
is he two timing or embarassed by JJ's happiness written all over his face...
back then JJ was supposed to have the "cold image"...just look at Changmin's face XD...."Hyung, hyung"

by the way we hit 100.000 views....lol..thank you..^^....hope you love your stay around here..

[PHONE WALLIES]YooChun@Various

I'm having a weakness for stuff like this.....one more post and I promise I'll go to sleep XD

[PICS::SPAZZ]Soumate@Honey we've got boots

lol...this is from 2008...backstage of Come To Play...I really don't know if the others did the same pose with the same items....but if it is so then it's an OT5 XD....anyone remembers?

Credits: DNBN (I presume)
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they didn't even whore those boots in the show...lol...YC seems happy...is white right ?...probably JJ would have love a black one

[CAPS]YooChun@Wrong Number

Long live the Samsung TV XD


YC was still in the states....no Soulmate yet... T___T...so young right? ^^

[PICS+GIF]JJ@Advertising ONE COMPANY+ 100419 Tohomobile

Posting these together XD...

Credits: as tagged + JJ baidubar
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[FANARTS]JJ+ one DBSK@Various

I have this bad habit of saving stuff and thinking I'll post them later but then I forget...so I ended having huge piles of unorganized dongbang stuff....lol...promised myself I'll post most of the things the day I find them...sorry for the huge numbers of posts..right now I have a lot of free time XD..still have to go trough those folders one day XD...I do have so many YooChun fanarts....are interested?....lol..I wonder if anyone reads my rant!?

[CAPS]Sunao ni Narenakute Ep 1 Part 4

V so Huge XD..you can even use each cap as a wallpaper

[SCANS]JJ@Fuji TV Magazine

ok so I couldn't find this posted and since we have so many readers from Japan ^^

Credits: chara + mazeJJ
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[SCANS] JJ @ TV Weekly Magazine Part 2

think they are all from the same magazine :P

[SCANS]100421JJ@KBOOM Magazine