Jun 29, 2011

[DOWNLOAD] JaeChun Picture Collection in Gwangju Concert 110626

we got 500 pics for part 1 ~ including JYJ photos, Jaejoong solo photos, Yoochun solo photos and of course JaeChun's Moments! with Bonus Chunnie smiling vid XD


Jun 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Micky Yoochun Park! ~\(^O^)/~

Our dandy boy is celebrating his 25th year here on earth! Without him there won't be Soulmate!
This year, we wish him all the love, prosperity, good health & fulfillment of his dreams.

Happy Birthday dear Chunnie~!!! We love you!

We love our Yoochun's forehead so much that it needs to have an appearance...

Yoochun is known for his Chunfaces and some popular ones are:

The Blowfish
This face appears when he's pointing something with his mouth or wishes to express something with conviction.

Expanding Nose
Usually appears when he's goofing around.

Sexy Face
His face is always sexy but sexier in dance numbers & other "things" he do.

Ahhh~ Yoochun-ah~~!!!

Happy Yoochun
A happy Yoochun throws his head back while laughing...

That's the Chun we know.

If it's one of the Soulmates is having a birthday,
JCS treats Fanarts for everybody!

Enjoy your birthday, dearie!
No matter what happens JaeChunSoulmate is always here to support you.

When life gives you thousands of reasons to cry, people who care about you will give you a millions of reasons to laugh.

Cheers~ to achievements!!! Kanpai!!!