May 4, 2010

[FLASH] JJ @ SunaoNe: Crawling Into The Closet

O genki desu ka, minna-san? Hisashiburi! XD

Credit: s h m m r

I've watched it a hundreds of times and never got sick of it.

[PHOTOS] 100504 YooChun at Rosehill Dental Clinic


another similar fanart HERE
made based on THESE airport pics

Credits: as tagged
Shared by: jaechunsoulmate

[GIFS]JaeChun@Stay with me tonight PV + Sanrio


I would love to lave all of these and even more XD...

[GIFS/CAPS::SPAZZ]Soulmate holding hands

again I've remember I've seen this vid but can't remember the name....anyone knows?

[TRANS] 100503 The Television Weekly No.18

Haru to Doctor:

Doctor your so nice

Doctor to Haru:
I love Haru!

The producer confesses honestly!
Secret of the future pure but complicated story!
The sudden change of love,friendship,and jealousy…
We asked the producer about the future story!
We will show the key scenes with quotes!

The love triangle comes to a sudden change!
Nakaji who says stuff like “tell me when you need help” so smoothly. “He’s nice to everyone. But his feelings to Haru is special. The love triangle with Doctor gets deeper”- Producer

[PICS]JJ@Official Sunao ni Narenakute Gallery Ep. 3

stills from EP.1 & EP.2

^ There is no spoon XD

^ I've always loved those umbrellas

[SCANS]YC focused@DBSK 3th Story Book

4th Story Book HERE

[CAPS]YC@Beautifull Love Off Shoot Caps

video HERE

[SCANS]YC focused@The Glory And The Suffering Photobook Part 3

[PICS]Stalking YooChun 10.05.02-10.05.03

I've just realized that this must be the access to YC's house from the parking lot'm so stupid...I had complained so many times that there are no pics of JJ coming to YC's place XD..when they were always under my nose XD...

[SCANS]JJ@Weekly The Television - 2010 No.18