Jul 29, 2010

[VIDS] Jaejoong cuts in 3hree Voices DVD

[VIDS] Yoochun cuts in 3hree Voices DVD

[INFO] 3HREE VOICES is 2nd on ORICON DVD Daily Rank!

Music DVD Chart

General DVD Chart

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[FANACC]100724 SungKyunKwan Scandal Fanmeet

Q: For the drama shooting, will you feel lonely because you cannot return to Seoul? Is there anyone that you often keep in contact with?

Yoochun: Not lonely, but just think of wanting to return home. Actually not many friends, aside from group members and family members, there isn’t much contact with others. Junsu is the hardest to contact, Jaejoong is on vacation, to where?Hehehe, cannot tell you all(the smiling yoochun while saying is so cute)

Q: Are you really in a love relationship with your co female actress in the drama?
Yoochun: No such thing(said it in a definite tone), in future there wont be also(laughs)

Q: How is atmosphere at the filming environment?
Yoochun: Everyone’s relationship is good, very happy atmosphere.

Q: Have you ever considered when to get married?Is Japanese ok too?
Yoochun: Seldom thought of it, because will consider matters such as divorce and so, personally for me, if a child is born, do not wish to bring him such pain, has discussed with my mom before on marriage partner issues, Mom says Japanese is ok too as long as she’s Asian, mom is rather stern on this(laughs), roughly get married at 40 years old(laughs)

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all this is making me curious...were is JJ XD...hope he's actually on the SKK Scandal set XD.....as for marriage I knew I don't have a chance as I'm not asian XD...lol...but as far as I know YC loves older women...older with even more then 5 years...guess his tastes will change by the time he reaches his desired marriage age XD....but if he wants JJ he should reconsider everything as our pretty boy want it till 30 and children till 35 XED......lol.....go go YC....

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[PICS]100724 Yoochun@SungKyunKwan Scandal Fanmeet

I couldn't miss these...

^I swear I still couldn't get used to his outfit...I always have the sensation that his face is photoshoped XDXD...

^ funny how YC and I, we often have such similar haircuts XD...in time his face became so familiar to me as one of my families...but then it's no wonder since I'm seeing pics of him almast daily XD

^ It looks like someone it's working out :P

[CAPS]YC@Beautiful Love EP9

I have to admit it...I've only seen the frist episode so far...still his acting is great...I hope SKK Scandal is not his last drama...I would really had loved to see him in the Korean version of "It Started With a Kiss"...I think he would have been brilliant for that role XD..

[PROJ.ADV]Stand by You project from Tohoshinki Lovers

Dear Tohoshinki/TVXQ lovers,

I would like to invite all of you to our recent project.

Tohoshinki Lovers Forum is preparing to send a preserved flower arrangement
with message cards from each of you to Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yuchun to
congratulate them on upcoming a-nation appearance.

We will send it by the first day of a-nation in Osaka.

The project deadline is set as August 5th.

For more info visit the bellow link:


I have a few unanswered emails...I'm really sorry for making you wait...I was busy the past week and something preparing a relative's wedding XD....and tomorrow I'm leaving on a weekend road trip so yeah please wait a little bit more as I didn't forgot about you...

Also I hope you are loving our new header ^^...it's actually the first gift this small blog ever received...thank you so much again Helena ^^....feel free to spam us with your gifts and love ;)...and of course comments...we want comments....

The new sections...I still have to fill them up :D.....hopefully soon ;0

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JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN has made a tremendous record, attendance of 200000 in dome concerts of Tokyo/Osaka and live digest video access of 1300000. The dome concert of the last day is recorded!

September 8, 2010 On Sale
“THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME (tentative name)”

¥5,800(including tax)
【Initial benefits】
Back stage video
with wrapping

Itsudatte Kimini
Kimiga Ireba~Beautiful Love~
Kanashimino Yukue
Kimino Tameni
been so long [Special Guest : LISA]
Rainy Blue
Kimiga Irudakede
I have nothing
My Girlfriend
COLORS~Melody and Harmony~
Get Ready
Long Way


Making Movie
Backstage Movie *Initial product only


[PROJECT.ADV/COVER]Phoenix Present - STAND BY YOU International Version

The result of an international collaboration hosted by TVXQ European Fanclub Phoenix...it's one of the things that kept me busy lately as I was in charge of the video...feel free to repost it ^^


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[SCAN]JYJ@Global LifeStyle Magazine – THE LOTTE HOMME

Just one photo but for some reason I'm liking it :P

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[TRANS]JJ&YC messages to various fancafes

To 100years

Pretty Darling~

Thank you, always!
And sorry.
I will do my best!!

T/N Website members call each other ‘Pretty Darling’

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to cafedeyuchun

I received everything today!

Even from now on, please give a lot of supports to me!

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[CAPS]YC@Beautiful Love EP 8

[Trans] 100727 JaeJoong and Music

omo! oppa's beauty is breaking boundaries in other countries! oppa! fighting! xD
On February 2010, TVXQ’s Hero JaeJoong was ranked number one on Japan’s CDTV ‘Most Wanted Lover’ chart (males).

In these recent years, Japan TBS music channel ‘CDTV’ had been constantly releasing the artists ranking for ‘Most Wanted Lover’ chart. But the top 20-chart that was released this 13th February, TVXQ’s Hero JaeJoong had won the first position. Though it is a non-music related chart, and the fact that it’s a chart that based on ‘popularity of music’ + ‘attractive of the stars’ + ‘influential ability’ that grade Japan popular groups and singers, therefore this results had surprised many Japan and Korea fans.

No matter how popular TVXQ is at Japan, local Japanese artists also have their own intrinsic strength, moreover their strong foundation. The voting result this time had not only gone beyond the Korea field (they had long gone beyond it), also gone beyond the international field, at the same time gone beyond the topic of shorten popularity, this is a good reflection of how much Japanese fans love TVXQ and Hero JaeJoong which is really interesting and amazing. Especially when the four members of TVXQ including JaeJoong himself had also successfully entered the top 10 chart (Micky YooChun at 3rd, ChoiKang ChangMin at 6th and Xiah JunSu at 7th), result in KAT-TUN, Arashi and other Japanese top group members ranking to drop a few places. In recent years, members of these groups had dominated the chart rankings. Therefore the result this year had created much impact on the fans.