Jun 28, 2010

[TRANS]TVXQ Trio File A 3 Billion Won Lawsuit Against SM/TVXQ Trio File Lawsuit For Exclusive Contract(100628)

TVXQ Trio File Lawsuit For Exclusive Contract

Three members of 'TVXQ' have filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment following their exclusive contract injunction.

According to the Seoul District Courts, Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu), Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun) and YoungWoong Jaejoong (Kim Jaejoong) filed an exclusive contract validity suspension lawsuit on the 25th.

Sejong, the law firm in charge of the trio's legal actions, stated, "The exclusive contract period is thirteen years from the date they debuted, however, if military service is taken into consideration, the length of the contract is in fact fifteen years," and "This violates Clause 103 of the civil code." Clause 103 of the civil code states that any legal acts that violate good customs or public order will become invalid. Sejong also stated, "If the contract is canceled, the members must pay an extravagant compensation fee that is three times the amount of total investments and twice the amount of what the group would have earned in the remaining period of the contract."

[SCANS]JaeJoong@THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME(from rella4125) Part 1

[FANARTS]Soulmate/JJ/YC/DBSK Various

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[Trans] 100626 Appealing July Issue

“Everyone must have a lot to say to us. We are very well aware of it. There are times when we cannot cry even though we really want to, so while we are standing here on stage, we wish
to let it all out, to our hearts’ content, including what we have held back in previously.” That was what was expressed by the trio before the performance at Osaka.

“Then again, when we see everyone gathered in front of us, full of smiles on your faces, it might not be the right time to cry, and because we are blessed by your smiles, we would like to personally face everything with a smile too.” JeJung expressed to everyone towards the end of the performance.

JeJung and YuChun have appeared as actors before everyone through Mizuki’s "sunao" and BeeTV’s television drama respectively, while JunSu has also released his first solo track "ntoxication". After having focused on their own solo activities for a period of time, the gathering of the trio caused a great excitement at the event.

Furthermore, mostly at the Tokyo Dome’s event, numerous big-scaled and rarely seen stage equipments were added, including the tilting runways and clear big screens at all corners of the stage. No matter where one was seated at in the huge auditorium, one could always see the trio clearly and up-close.

However, there was a trace of surprise on their faces as the platform started going up while they sung "いつだって君に" at the opening. During the MC segment, one could also see that they were quite nervous.

[PICS]JJ&YC@Incheon Airport(100626) Part 3