May 10, 2010

[PICS]Stalking YooChun(100509)

busy busy....

[INFO] 100509 Actress Jung Da Young for SungKyunKwan Scandal


The actress for the drama has been decided. It seems that she has met with the director and the production crew today. Filming will begin next week, and will last until winter.

Name: 정다영 / Jung Da Young
Date of Birth: November 12th, 1985
Weight: 45kg
Education: University of Suwon (수원대학교) - Drama and Film Department
Debut: ETN Entertainment Station MC, 2006

Dramas: A Good Day for the Wind to Blow, City of Glass, Unstoppable Marriage
Movies: She Was Pretty

Source: OhMicky + Mr.TVXQ
Translation: rainbowtavern @
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[TRANS]Yoochun's Cyworld Update

I've checked his cyworld now and I can't see the post as I can't see the last 2 navigation buttons...also on the front page there is only one world meaning EMPTY :( ...I fear my YC....hang on in there...stay your smile.....

"That's also happiness...
Everything How can you explain it...

There will be fear in the end...
If it could be expressed And because there will be happiness by expressing it Won't go this path
To me this path...
Also implying revising life
Even if for any reason All aren't paths that are easily chosen

Hello We Are... ( )
This was... ( )
Thank you...

Miss this more than anyone."